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Best Alternative to Stall Bars Yet!

Vinni Williams

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Vinni Williams

I have come up with the best alternative to stall bars yet! I mounted wood dowels in between my bathroom door using closet rod sockets. It was very easy anybody could do it. One of the great things about it is that you can take the bars down when your done. The whole setup cost me $14. Here is the final product. The more dowels you set up the more it will cost. A pullup bar is required.




I have been wanting to do this for a while and finally had the time today to make it. You can put the bars at any height depending on your individual needs. The only supplies and tools you need are:


Power drill


Level (iphone 5),

1-1/4" x 48" poplar wood dowels from Lowe's

Wood closet rod sockets 

Extra screws







You could also substitute the handisaw and power drill for a normal hand saw and screw driver. Also, I didn't use the screws that came with the closet sockets and instead used a longer sturdier screw.  


First select the height you want the bar and screw in the closet rod sockets on either side of the door frame, making sure they are level.






Next, you will cut the dowel to the proper length, depending on the width of your door. You can do this my placing one end of the dowel in one door socket, Then line up the other end of the dowel with the closet rod socket on the other side of the door. Make a mark on the dowel where it touches the closet rod socket. 




Now, place the dowel in the sockets and there you have it! Very easy and cheap stall bars. Here is a picture of the stall bars in use.





Stall bars are a necessary component to the Foundation Series. I have been using other methods for my exercises but I never felt I was getting the proper workout that I would get from stall bars. Now I can properly do the exercises and continue to move on in the Foundation Series! I looked all over the internet and gymnasticbodies.com and could not find anything similar to this. It has probably been done before but I could not find it. One down side to this set up is that it can only take so much weight. I would not hang from these bars with my full body weight. Depending on your door frame, and the type of support you use for the dowels, you could probably make something to support more weight. For now, it works with the exercises I need to do. In the near future, I will probably add more screws to the closet sockets for added strength. Also, the dowel will spin, but this can be easily fixed by adding a small screw in the open side of the closet socket. I hope someone else finds this as useful as I do. It is inexpensive, easy, and does not to a lot of damage to the door frame that will upset your parents or landlord. What do y'all think?



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Marios Roussos

I like it for leg raises. I like it a lot.


With the sockets only being held by screws though, will the setup be sturdy enough to have one hold their entire bodyweight off of one of those bars? I have concerns about whether the sockets will eventually rip out of the doorframe. 

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Vinni Williams

Your right, In my post I said I would not use it to support my body weight. Although, if one used steel bar supports and possibly a lag bolt it is possible it could support someone's body weight.

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Connor Davies

Completely unworkable for me, as my doorframes are too narrow for my leverage pullup bar (always check before you sign a rent agreement!) but it's a nice setup nonetheless. 

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You can't do much work with it, like side lever, right? Won't you need to put a lot of weight on it? The only thing is leg lifts, right?

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