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Back pain from handstand


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Guys can you tell me if getting pain in the lumbar and sacral area is normal in the beginning? After doing 3 sets of 30 seconds of free handstand workout i get a terrible pain over the next 2-3 days. Should I strenghten deep core muscles or something? if yes could you show or explain some exercises?

Should i make my core stronger? would it help? I am quite flexible in the lower back from years of doing wrestling,i can do easly bridge walk overs ,mills with no hands etc,i can also do about 8 dragon flags or candle sticks ,front lever 3-4 seconds and hold human flag for 10 seconds.I don't try to boast or anything,'cause it's nothing compering to some of you guys, I'm just giving you an idea about my core in case I need to make it stronger. I went to my doc but she said that the problem is in the weak core and told me to strenghen my tummy,I'm not sure she new exactly what she was talking about.

Can you help please? Have you ever experienced this sort of pain?



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I get lower back pain, when I let my back arch too much.

I believe it's more an issue of having the coordination to get into the correct body position and having the flexibility to get into the correct position.

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If you're arching in your handstand is it likely that you will get pain.

I assure you that you will NOT have pain with a perfectly straight handstand. Unless your spine is falling apart...

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