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Eric Baum

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Hello everyone,


I've been following this forum and doing the F1 + H1 training for a while now and I think  that now is the time to introduce myself.


I´m  a brazilian, 24 yrs old eletrical engineer. I was introduced to gymnastics only when I was 20 at my university and since then I've been trying a bit of everything regarding gymnastics and circus.


I've started with acrobatic gymnastic classes, but I also did trampoline classes, some basic classes on gymnastics floor habilities and things like that. Also did classes on trapeze and some other aerial circus stuff.


Actually i'm part of a great Gymnastics for All group, that is really awesome to be part of but that dont demand great physical habilities.


That is why I decided to  train by myself and focus my habilities mainly on the ones like what is developed here at the gymnastic bodies courses, because in the end that is what I liked the most amongst all that I´ve already tried.


In the next few days I want to post some videos on the exercises that I consider mastered, to get some feedback and make sure my self-evaluation was correct.


Best Regards,


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