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Tumbling and strength sessions, how to combine them ?


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I have this question, it's been bothering me for some time now.

I would like to add some tumbling exercies to my training (of course easy ones for starters, aerials carthweels etc., and some freesytle tumbling, kicks and flips), but my question is how many times in the week should such exercises be performed ( i know as many times as i like :), yeah, but i wouldn't like to overtrain myself ).

And if i had to do strength & tumbling on the same day, which one is to be done first and how long a break between them should last. ?

Currently i do my strength wourkout on monday, wednesday and friday and i strech six days in the week.

Coach how do you put together tumbling & strength workouts and how long do you think it's optimal to do tumbling on a given day ?

Sorry for all those questions, but if it comes to tumbling i'm a newbie.


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I dont know about official gymnastics tumbling, but I've been tricking (basically a blend of flips, twists and kicks from various arts) since I was 15, often times while strength training. I usually just do it on tuesday and thursday, and then leave the other two rest days. Just a suggestion.

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I think it's good to frequently practice the tumbling exercises and strength building exercises (do both every training session 4x per week), but rarely to absolute fatigue.

A typical sequence found in sport science books for the main part of the work out would be: (Kurz "Science of Sports Training" 2001)

a. learning a new technique or tactics

b. developing speed or coordination in techniques

c. developing strength

d. developing endurance

So, after a warm-up, I'd do tumbling exercises first (or exercises that involve more technique, speed, and exposive strength), then dynamic strength exercises (that require more grinding strength), and then static holds for time.

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Thanks guys for your feedback.

So it looks like on monday, wednesday and friday my entire session ( warmup + tricking + strength + streching) will last something about 4 hours, nice :):).

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How much time have you been spending per week working on all of these things? If you have been spending 1 hour on tumbling one session per week, then if you wish to train tumbling more frequently, you can cut back the time per session to 20 minutes or so, and slowly increase from there. Frequent short sessions (not taken to an extreme) are better than long infrequent sessions. 4 hours sounds like a lot to me. I think that your total increase in weekly training volume shouldn't be greater than maybe 10-15% every month or so. Better to do the least amount of work that continues to help you make progress than to overdo it. You can always move up from there.

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My weekly routine looks like this:

* Monday, wednesday, friday - warmup+strength training(rings, bar, bodyweight etc)+handbalancing (20 min)+streching. Total: ~ 2,5h

* Tuesday, saturday, sunday - warmup+handbalancing (20 min)+streching. Total: ~1h 40 min.

* Thursday - a rest day. Actually i'm a allergy sufferer, so on this day i undergo medical treatment.

So for now, there hasn't been any tricking/tumbling. Actually i tried couple of months ago, but i didn't have any place to do tricking so i had to stop. Now i figured it out that the best place would be a soccer field ( weather will be major problem :().

Thus, i was thinking about adding 3 tumbling/tricking sessions, just have to figure it out which days would it be the best to put them in. Alternatively i will have to reorganize my weekly routine a little bit.

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