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Agility and Speed in Gymnastics


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I'm really enjoying basic gymnastic static holds to build muscle but I'm lacking in agility and speed I find. Do gymnasts do any agility work or not really and if so whats some beginner stuff I might try?

I've recently discovered that I enjoy doing sprints especially after doing squats or lunges. But my martial arts is still slow and since I usually train by myself I don't have target practice as an option. Sorry if this belongs in a different forum I wasn't sure but figured anything dealing with speed and agility is pretty dynamic.

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I've never seen us use those dot drills or agility latters if that's what you mean.

However, there obviously is a lot of balance and coordination work. On balance beam, running drills, bouncing on tramp ( body and aerial awareness ). A cartwheel for example does take a bit of coordination and balance.

One of the running drills I use is simply hopping back and forth across the carpet lines from one side of the floor to the other. It's part of our ankle warmup besides what I'd call an agility drill. Doing something similar on low balance beams off the floor and basic ballet and dance ( even for the men ) to advanced ballet and dance for the gals. We use a lot of other sprinting running drills as well.

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