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Some Exercises I've just discovered


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There is a Beach Wrestling Team here in Samoa that I am now training in Taekwondo in the same facility as and they do a number of exercises I had never seen but thought some of you might like. I currently can't do any of these but am definitely going to start working towards a few. One is solo, the rest are partner based but really nice.

Solo Exercise.

1. Roll back with hands bent towards floor and pushup into a handstand. Drop your feet so you're now standing again. And repeat. This one looks like a great way to use momentum and repetition to develop a handstand and is the one I plan on implementing.

Partner Exercises:

1. Person A stands behind Person B. A is standing with feet shoulder width apart and lifts B up. A then lowers B to one side, all the way back up, and then to the other side. The real challenge here and probably why I found it so impressive from training some of these gymnastic moves is that B is required to keep their body completely straight at all times or the rep doesn't count. Then switch of course.

2. Similar to the last exercise but this time A lowers the person between their legs and back up. I've also seen them do this where they lower the partner between the legs and then immediately switch so B lifts A and lowers them between the legs. Again the person being picked up must remain stiff.

3. Locking arms behind each other as if they were doing a simple back stretch where you lift your partner up except after lifting their partner onto their back the partner does essentially a Candlestick. You could probably develop enough strength to do squats while your partner does Candlesticks on your back. Might be too dangerous for your back though.

4. This one is straight strength/endurance work and might not be as useful here but basically A stands with their legs a little more than shoulder-width and bent forward a bit. B frog hops over A and then immediately crawls under A and does this a few reps or for time before switching.

Not sure if any of these are common practice but I had never read about or seen anything like these.

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As for the solo exercise, that sounds like a backward roll to handstand. It used to be called a back extension roll but that is generally referenced with straight arms now.

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the exercises are pretty standard conditioning for wrestlers... the french, israelis and russians have some unique athletic/gymnastic exercises they do for warm-up and conditioning... really neat to watch...

years ago i was at a camp with a former israeli wrestler... he told me israel had all of there olympic athletes cross train in another sport and he told me that most of the wrestlers picked gymnastics... he could do some neat tricks...

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