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Structuring workouts


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I have a question about the order of exercises in each workout. I'll provide an example to make my question clearer:

  • Pull-up variation paired with back lever training
  • Push-up variation paired with front lever training
  • Hanging leg lift variation paired with L sit training

What order would I do these in? Do i do the pull-up variation (for 3x3 or 3x5 etc) and then do back lever training or would I do back lever training and then do pull-ups? And then move onto the push-ups/front lever or do I train all static positions first and then train fundamental bodyweight exercises?



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Daniel Burnham

This question gets asked almost everyday.  The best source for how to structure a workout is the foundation series.  An alternative that is not nearly as comprehensive is the killroy70 template.  While a lot of people had success with that template it will not be as effective as the foundation series.


Both describe how to structure the workouts.

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