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Discus triangularis pain

Robert Rieckmann

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Robert Rieckmann

Hey guys,

longtime reader here. I've started GB when F1 came out and also did H1 since march and I'm really enjoying it so far.


Maybe 2 weeks ago I played soccer and fell on my hands. Since then my left wrist hurts in certain movements where I have to hyperextend my hand, like pushups, planks or headstands. It feels like a mild discomfort.

I can't do the wrist stretches to my full ROM like before without pain, so I just do those very lightly.


The pain seems to be in the discus triangularis area. Maybe some of you had something similar happen to you? I would really like to know if I can do anything to help the healing process. I'm not sure if I can still do the wrist work in H1 or should do some wrist curls or rice bucket.


I will go to the doctor next week to get things clarified, but maybe you have some experience with this injury, that you could share. I'd really appreciate that.





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Alessandro Mainente

i got it one year ago and i did the bad thing of don't stop with movements that were causing pain on the these section. the best thing you can do is work on neutral grip like on pbars for every movement.

i was controlling the pain using 3 different position of the hands (suggested by my physioterapist)- these are in order of  increasing stress over the section. when in the last pose the pain is gone you can gradually return to the activity on the wrist

-put your forearm on a flat surface, and relax the hand with palm face down. now lift the hands up in hyper extension

-the start position the same of the previous but now instead of maintain the fingers straight, roll them inside until the last phalanx touches the base of the fingers (where usually form calluses), the lift the hand in that position

-the last one you have to roll the hand in a punch then lift it


in all the 3 positions try to push the forearms on the surface and lift the wrist at least as possible.

rest now before it becomes chronic....i stopped every work with hand extension on the floor (PH, hs etc) for 6 months..

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