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Wrist Warmup


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I am trying to increase the volume/frequency of my handbalancing sessions, in hopes of getting better. Unfortunately, I have run into a roadblock. My wrists kill me! I don't know any really effective ways to warmup my wrists before a workout, or specifics as to how to perform them, sets/reps/duration, etc., I have been doing handstands for just over a year now, and everytime I try to do a little more, my wrists get hurt. Does anyone know a way to warmup the wrists which could help to prevent this from happening?

This is a question more for experienced handbalancers on the website(IdoPortal, handbalancer, Coach Sommer), but if anyone else has found a great way to warmup the wrists before a handbalancing session, please let me know.

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10 wrist circles on your knees in both directions with fingers forward, sideways, backward, and folded over.

wrist circles or up-down, side to side with light DB.

sand or rice bucket works well. 50 grabs.

10 pushups where you push off the palm onto the metacarpalphalangeal ridge ( where your fingers extend out from your palm ).

10 back of wrist pushups to fist

10 pushups from regular hand position to fingertips as close as possible on the postive portion.

attach a weight plate to a stick with rope and stand on a chair, roll plate up by twisting on stick till it's chest height then lower down.

before and after.

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Tempo during wrist pushups variations is especially important. As your strength improves, it is essential to continue to attempt to perform the repetitions slower and slower. This applies to both the descent and ascent of the pushups. Over the years, I have found that continuing to slow the speed of the movement is far more effective than either increasing the load or the volume in creating strong healthy wrists.

Yours in Fitness,

Coach Sommer

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