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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I’m 9 weeks post shoulder surgery (full thickness tear of the supraspinatus and bicep tendons). Still working with a physiotherapist and my mobility is improving, it still has some way to go before I can start training again. I’m keen on getting back into the program, but not sure where to start. I own most of the level 1 programs, but think that may be too much until I have my full range of motion restored. Where is the best place to start and improve my shoulder mobility or strength? I haven’t yet subscribed as my plan was to complete the level 1 programs before joining the subscription program. As such, I don’t have access to the Restore series and wanted to know if perhaps they too would be too advanced for this stage of my rehab. I don’t want to start a free trial only to find it wasted at this stage. Alternately, is there is better program than the “Restore” series to work back into, starting with my shoulder rehab? Thanks for any advice. Wayne
  2. John Christiansen

    Rotator Cuff Surgery - handstands

    I’ve just had re-attachment surgery for a full rotator cuff tendon tear on my right (non dominant side) shoulder a week after an accident - and know it’s a slow recovery. I’ve not yet started PT. Also I’m late 40s. Im not sure which tendon it was (will ask on my follow up) but pre surgery I was unable to lift my arm forward or out to the side Im wondering what is possible long term - how strong the tendon will be in, say, a year. And what training positions could irritate it? prior to the accident I had a solid handstand (arms to ears), solid press to handstand, straddle hold/lever to handstand, front and back lever on rings. I have good flexibility, front and side splits and bridge kick over on floor. even without the surgery pressing down type movements didn’t hurt much - support position on rings/pommel, l-sit/half lever, straddle lever/hold - do these activate different tendons than lifting the arm to the front/side? I’d like to get back to where I was in time, is really only for fitness&interest thanks for any help and tips!
  3. Mike Antonio

    Shoulder Surgery Next Friday

    Good day everyone. So I’ve been having an issue with my Dominent shoulder due to a small tear in the labrum (slap tear). I attempted physio and other treatments over the course of approximately a year and a half with very little Progress. So im scheduled next Friday for a possible labrum repair or possible bicep tenodesis with some rotator cuff maintenance as well. I have the surgeon free range to do whatever he feels is best once he looks inside. My shoulder hasn’t made much progress up until last week. Now this could be my brain f’king with me but I am able to get into positions that I couldn’t get into last month. Like foot supported planche lean, hspu and even a few dips. Keep in mind my job has been extremely time taxing lately so training has very been minimal. My physio guy and I assume that once I start training regularly again I will likely aggravate the shoulder and be back to wear I was a few months ago if I don’t do surgery. I guess I’m just looking for a little reassurance as I feel like I’m possibly risking surgery for minimal results. I do still have some pain when performing internal and external rotation (no weight) at the end ranges. Although I’m really looking forward to 4 months off of work and almost feel like that’s half the reason I’m looking to do this. I’m hoping to be able to still train at somewhat of a high level. I have goals of planche, strict ring muscle ups and press to handstand. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks, mike
  4. Mike Antonio

    Torn labrum options

    Hello everyone! Happy holidays and happy new year to everyone! So I wrote before regarding a slap tear that I have. I just went for my second MRI with an arthogram. So the verdict is I have a small tear in my infraspinatus small tear in my supraspinatus and I have a labral tear at the insertion point of the biceps long head. According to my orthopedic surgeon, he says the Teat is small it just happens to be in one of the worst places possible. Hence the reason it’s causing me so much pain. I can’t even do push-ups without severe pain. I asked him about platelet rich plasma injections which this doctor does and he seems to be trying to steer me away from it. He advised if it was my knee or my elbow he would say let’s definitely try it but he hasn’t seen much luck with PRP and labrum tears in the shoulder. So the options now are: 1. Subcromial decompression and rotator cuff repair surgery 2. Bicep tenodesis and rotator cuff repair. I’m not sure which direction to go. Just wondering if anyone has had either of these surgeries and comment on their ability post surgery. I do have a lot of faith in my surgeon and will likely tell him to do what he thinks is best once he gets inside but just looking for some opinions. Thanks everyone.
  5. Tom Hughes

    Wrist issues, post-injury

    Hi everyone, first time poster, just getting into GST and loving it so far. In 2003 I shattered my left wrist and had surgery which resulted in a plate and screws. I also have a protruding piece of bone that is visible when I bend my wrist forward (see pics) This means that it is painful to fully bend my left wrist back to 90 degrees in order to do a press to the floor for press-up or handstand training. I currently use dumbells on the floor that act like parallettes to do press ups and want to continue to use them for handstand work. My question is, should I try and work on flexibility with this bad wrist, or just stick to parallettes? I really want to do Handstand One, Two & Three, but don't want to commit to buying the courses if I can't do the movements. Can you just substitute flat palms on the ground for parallettes in each exercise? I'm worried that it's not just a flexibility issue with the wrist, but due to the protuding piece of bone, I will never be able to get the wrist fully back and may actually cause serious damage if I try. I was told paralette handstands don't really count, so want to do the full "proper" movement. Any input is appreciated, thanks. Tom.
  6. Jason Neff

    Pistol squats - meniscus tears

    Hello - I know there have been some related forum posts on this issue, but after looking through them I haven't found an answer that really addresses my situation. I have torn the meniscus in each knee, doing pistol squat progressions in both cases (the tear occurred when down in the squatted position). I'm not sure if I just pushed the progressions too fast or if my leg/knee shape is just prone to it. I have had surgery on each knee - the type where they cut away the torn tissue, not repair (both surgeries are over a year in the past, so I'm completely recovered with no pain, although the left knee seems a bit irritated if I do heavy squat work or when I rock climb). My question is this...should I even attempt these progressions again or just avoid trying it? I'm hesitant, partially because both of these injuries occurred doing the progressions. I'm perplexed as to whether this is really possible for me at this point or if I just risk another tear and more damage. I'm hoping someone else might have a similar experience and could bring some insight to bear on how/if I should proceed. Thanks!
  7. David Sigthorsson

    Post carpal tunnel surgery

    I'm looking for advice/recommendations concerning returning to training after carpal tunnel release surgery from experienced trainers or people who have gone through it? It seems so many if not most of the gymnastic exercises rely on at least being able to put weight on your wrist and then more and more so as you progress. Any advice? Tips? Expectations? Etc Some background: I recently went through my worst flare of carpal tunnel syndrome, ending with proper diagnosis, EMG, and then successful carpal tunnel release surgery (first on my right hand, soon on my left). I'm recovering quickly so far but I expect I'll be asked to not put pressure on my palms for a few weeks more at least. I'm in my late 30s, fairly fit and strong compared to the average person and I'd gone through the foundation series and was working into the fundamentals. I was/am looking forward to progressing on with the program/s.
  8. restewart1017

    SLAP tear and biceps tenodesis

    Hi! I'm writing for advice. I'm a professional aerialist, and I've just been diagnosed with a SLAP tear with involvement of the biceps tendon. My doctor is recommending biceps tenodesis, wherein the remaining connection of the tendon to the labrum is severed and the tendon is tacked to the head of the humerus. He seems very optimistic about it, and I believe him, but part of me is a bit concerned with radically altering the physiology of the shoulder like that. Does anyone have experience with returning to ring work after an injury and/or surgery like this? My goal for this year was to have an aerial straps routine (movements are similar to high-level ring work; planches, handstands, etc.)- obviously, that's not gonna happen in 2013, but I'm wondering if it will *ever* be a possibility for me again. Any advice or stories you guys have would be very much appreciated. Thanks, ~Rachel
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