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Found 3 results

  1. Emmette Taylor

    Towel chin ups for rope climbing

    Hi I have a quik question about towel chin ups and if it is a good step towards the rope. Have a friend who finds the rope to be a bit to much at the moment for his elbows however he can manage a few reps on the towel. Is this going to benefit him for rope climbing in the future any more than normal chin/pull ups on the bar Thanks in advance.
  2. Guest

    Rope Climbing & Speed

    Hey All I am progressing well on my rope climbing ability including multiple non-stop laps. I focus my ascents on slow speed with minimum strokes in order to use a full range of motion on each pull and less momentum. I am just wondering about when or even if speed climbing should become part of the training? I can understand speed climbing if you want to do competitions but I don't see how it would benefit as opposed to climbing slow and reducing ascent strokes where there is less cheating through momentum and more full range of motion strokes. Perhaps I am missing something so I just thought it could be discussed
  3. Hello! I've been doing kind of Btgb program for about a year. My main goal is the OAC and I'm quite close. I do 3x4 reps with 5kg asistant quite easy. I also train rope climbing twice a week (3 x 7m) and static positions. I love RC. I also have a static hansdtand for 15" and 1' in movement. I'm thinking about start with the F1 or F2, but I don't want to step back in RC or handstand because I love to train them. I read you have to follow the foundations exactly so I don't know what to do. I do planche, FL, BL progression, I like them but if I have never get the planche I really don't care. Can you help me with your advice? Thank you very much!!
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