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Found 2 results

  1. Oscar Riaño

    One Arm Pull Ups

    Hi guys, I've left aside iron cross work for a bit more than a month. All this time, I've been putting a lot of work on One Arm Pull Ups (OAPU) and yesterday, when I tried to do some Iron Cross work, i felt a lot more stable in my shoulders as when i was trying it before. I must say that in this month i also lost 2 kg (by eating less quantity, I was kinda eating more than I needed) and feel a lot lighter. In any case... the only thing that I changed in my training is the introduction of OAPU work. May it be very beneficial for Iron Cross? Kind regards!!
  2. Hey guys, I tried some one arm (OA) top position chin ups (CU) holds - I think Coach suggested them for increasing strength in weighted CU. Then I tried some pronated OA pull up (PU) top position holds - didn't quite work out, but I noticed something I want to ask you now: OACU is basically like a narrrow grip two armed CU. But OAPU is not like a narrow grip two arm PU, but more like a neutral/parallel grip PU with a little twisting so as to look like a pronated PU ? Because that is what I felt. Thanks a lot
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