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Found 3 results

  1. Pavel Votanek

    Start with GST - Coxarthosis

    Hello everybody, I have spent few days searching reviews of programs that will help me to improve my condition etc. As a result I decided for gymnasticbodies, because I prefer long term goals and long term work instead of "instant miracles", and what I have foubd just makes sense. But before starting I have a question regarding to my healt condition. I am 27 years old, but I suffer from coxarthosis (arthrosis in hip joint) including cystical changes of joint. Therefore my hip mobility is changed permanently by changes of "solid part of my hip joint". Therefore I know I will be not able to overcome few mobility limits (like limited rotation of leg in hip or middle split is physically impossible). From the reviews of your programs and interviews with coach Sommer I know that the basic frame of the GST programs is continuing step by step always after complete managing of the previsous step. So in conclusion is there a posibillity of personalization of the program, or you not recommend joining GST, because I will be probably not able to overcome some basic step during the program and therefore not to go forward. Thank you for your time and response in advance. Maybe someone with medical backrounf from GB teams can help me. Pavel (p.s. - I dont want to sound as a lazy o giving up guy - I recognize diference between my current lack of mobility and physical impossibillity of some movements in my hip, that is not problem to be solve by any type of trainig, surgery etc.)
  2. David Sigthorsson

    Post carpal tunnel surgery

    I'm looking for advice/recommendations concerning returning to training after carpal tunnel release surgery from experienced trainers or people who have gone through it? It seems so many if not most of the gymnastic exercises rely on at least being able to put weight on your wrist and then more and more so as you progress. Any advice? Tips? Expectations? Etc Some background: I recently went through my worst flare of carpal tunnel syndrome, ending with proper diagnosis, EMG, and then successful carpal tunnel release surgery (first on my right hand, soon on my left). I'm recovering quickly so far but I expect I'll be asked to not put pressure on my palms for a few weeks more at least. I'm in my late 30s, fairly fit and strong compared to the average person and I'd gone through the foundation series and was working into the fundamentals. I was/am looking forward to progressing on with the program/s.
  3. Dillon Roy

    FAI (Femoroacetabular Impingement)

    I'm very interested in pursuing GB to heal and strengthen a body worn from professional athletics. I have a quick question about GB and participants who have Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). I'm curious if GB training is conducive to this injury and what precautions and experience Gymnastic Bodes have with the injury. Thanks for any insight provided.
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