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Found 2 results

  1. Mouclier Victor

    Compression and organ pressure

    Hi Gymnasticbdies ! My brother got chronic urine leakage as a result of too much crunches and reverse crunches done in the past. Our doctor said that it is due those abdominal exercices where you tuck your core : they push the internal organs down. In GB approach, exercices that involve compression are very recommanded : top part of HLL, V-sit, V-ups, pike stretches... I would like to know how to do abdominal compression exercices while avoiding this kind of problems with the abdominal organs. I've read that you need to breath out strongly when crunching your body, but also that you need to stay away from those kind of exercices. Thank you in advance because i'm sure you got the answer
  2. Oliver Harris

    Which Stall Bars

    I've found a stall bars dealer in the UK that seems to be pretty sound and from their selection I've narrowed it down to two options The first choice is: http://wallbars-ro.co.uk/Home-Wall-Bars-Beech-2.30-m?filter_name=221F and the second http://wallbars-ro.co.uk/Fitness-Wall-Bars-Gymnastics-Wall-Bars-Single-Wall-Bars-Wall-Bars-For-Home?filter_name=216F The second is more expensive but has the highest bar further forward like those used in the videos with the Hanging leg lift, would this make much difference to the leg lifts or should I save my money and go for the first option? (I've found the first option available for £50 less than the second) Thanks for your advice
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