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Found 2 results

  1. Emmette Taylor

    Towel chin ups for rope climbing

    Hi I have a quik question about towel chin ups and if it is a good step towards the rope. Have a friend who finds the rope to be a bit to much at the moment for his elbows however he can manage a few reps on the towel. Is this going to benefit him for rope climbing in the future any more than normal chin/pull ups on the bar Thanks in advance.
  2. Ian Hogg

    Chin ups causing wrist pain?

    Hi all, I wasn't sure where to put this should maybe have an injury forum. I've been doing chin up holds and have noticed my right wrist has developed a lump on the top near the joint. I'm pretty sure having read up on here that it's a ganglion cyst (a leakage of synovial fluid from the joint). However any other post I've read about ganglion cysts seems to link them to pain during handstand/load-bearing work which don't cause me any pain at all. I have pretty flexible wrists about 30 degrees past vertical with palm down and about 10 degrees past vertical palm up. When holding chin ups I feel as if my right arm is opening up at the wrist joint. I also notice that my right hand grip tends to be more in the fingers than my left as if the hand is slipping off the bar particularly on the pinkie side which is odd as my right hand is my stronger hand. I have had tennis elbow (inner elbow) in this arm before from trying to increase pull up numbers I think probably from this gripping in the fingers. My question is probably what is the best way to build up my grip to get it more in the palms rather than in the fingers? Even if I start off in the palm it seems to slip down to a finger grip very quickly. Is my pinky side not doing it's share of the work if so how do I improve it? Hope that makes sense was typing up on tiny phone screen Many thanks for any advice!
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