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Found 2 results

  1. Miłosz Kubacki

    Road to perfect full planche

    Hello. I'm Miłosz from Poland from Street Workout comunity. I have some questions about trainings for full planche. I can do straddle planche, straddle maltese. full maltese but i can't do full planche in perfect form. The second problem is no protraction in planches. How i can improve this? I'm working all the time of sculpa position and i'm focus on perfect form but which exercises are bests for this? How many times i should train for improve my planche and which exercises are bests to increase my holds? It be easier if you watch my some videos on insta: www.instagram.com/majlosw thanks!
  2. Well hey im new here my name is george. they call me Gosha if it matters. Im currently 17.5 years old i am 5,9-5,10 feet long(1.75-1.77) i weight 64kg/141.096 pounds. Last year i began taking my life seriously i began working out in street workout my first 4 months were intense i had good improvements but slowly i became lazy and started only coming to this workouts to joke around and do stupid stuff barly even trained at all. At some point i got sick but i knew if i go there id start laughing and i won't workout So i began training at home abit i got my reps back with push ups and pull ups i began working on L SIT and Planche at home got those "Stands" specially for that i then joined a gym near me and kinda became a gymrat if thats a term i originally joined cause of the winter so i can workout hard on this core exercises get stronger and perform lever aswell at first i was doing so good with planche i did tuck planche pushups easily really effortless i began doing stradle push ups could do like 5 and i also began working on handstand i can stand without a wall for like a min or so didn't really meassure the time but i can do handstand push ups like 5 good ones thu with the nose in the ground but just like streetworkout i slowly got far from my goal and really became a gym rat and eating junk food+only doing gym stuff and im getting annoyed already the only gains my body has is veins on my hands and my ripped back and shoulders my tricep and biceps completly stopped moving anywhere i wanna go back to Planche and handstand i wanna learn to do front and back lever i wanna get some base of gymnastics before the summer so i can train at streetwork out( at our local beach) and probably join a gymnastic group which is my goal. here is my reps and such i saw people post. Pull ups i do all sorts of pull ups back/tricep's pull ups i do 12 times 3 sets but my record of reps in 1 set was 39 if i don't stop to rest Dips i do deep dips till the feet touch the ground i do dips with 20kg weight strapped with a belt i do 12 reps for 3 sets(I don't know how much times i can do dips with no weight in 1 rep of max) Push ups i can do 70 with chest to the ground L sit i can hold for up to 15 seconds My current planche progress is im back to tuck planche i can go up to straddle but my hands won't stand still they keep bending cause i lost my strength and because they aren't straight i can't balance my legs and ass to be straight with the ground. so the stradle is horribly bad. My hand stand time is still the same but i can do like 3 times push up now. After all of this im curious if some 1 could advice me what to do now? i mean train at home ? or do a special program and the gym? we got rings there if it matters. how to progress my planche(Upload photos?) i would also like to have a healthy diet cause im latly back to bad food i have powerfull abs but they aren't shown because i need to lose body fat percentage im at 12% fat probably. maybe 11 or 13 i can't really check i wanna lose it down to 8% so my hard work is better seen.. i don't know what else to add thank you.
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