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Found 3 results

  1. Matt Oney

    Hip Arthritis and Stiffness

    Severe hip arthritis, not in any pain thanks to noninflammatory diet. If I can just get some mobility back I can avoid hip replacement for a short while longer. Finally been consistent with MS and FS coming up on 22 weeks I know all the gains are at 6 months and can't wait. The big thing is the tightness in the glutes and lowerback, I can't get close to being in the tuck position. If I could get there... I don't think I'd need the hip replacement. What else can I do? I will take any suggestions, especially if anyone can point me to any videos etc. I am digging into the glutes with lacrosse balls etc. Thank you!!
  2. Hi all So, this is more of a motivational question than a technical one (although possibly not...) but I am very keen to hear if anyone out there has managed to develop decent range of motion on a squat, having previously had a very limited range (i.e. not being able to get below parallel)? My strength is good but my general flexibility is terrible and no more so in the squat position where i cannot hit anything approaching a decent depth. I get around this is weight lifting through the use of foot supports etc but it's still not that deep! While i have focused on additional stretches to help with this area (it's not the only problem area!), progress is slow and it's quite demoralising as I'm so far off being able to do some of the basic movements / stretches in the GB series that my "scaled down" version feel pretty redundant. I'm fairly convinced that ROM and flexibility is predominantly dictated by genetics / early life etc but can be improved through training. What i'm less clear about is the extent to which it can be improved. I'd love to believe that training / stretching can over-come chronic inflexibility to at least get you to a solid level i.e. one at which you can progress through the GB system and build on the strength elements. So, I would love to hear from anyone who's successfully overcome serious flexibility issues. Motivational issues apart, I'd also appreciate hearing if you've found something that really works for you in terms of improvement etc Thank you B
  3. Oldrich Polreich

    Optimal landing technique?

    Hello What in your opinion is the most optimal landing technique to use on hard surface? Now when I say optimal, i mean optimal for the joints (minimizing impact), not optimal from gymnastic standpoint. I come from parkour/freerunning background and common rule here is "not more than 90 degrees knee angle" (with roll to dissipate remaining momentum). This is usable in some situations, but not in most (jumps for precision being the fine example). I've been thinking a lot about squat landings - landing on extended legs , than squating (properly) and touch hands to floor to dissipate kinetic energy. I've put this to a test and it felt very different from typical landing, more natural and smooth. My knowledge in the field of biomechanics is limited and that is why i post this here. To get suggestions whether or not is this a good idea to develop. As i mentioned earlier, aestetic quality is not my goal here, function is. I'll be very glad for every opinion Thanks
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