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Found 1 result

  1. Evening folks, As the title suggests, i am wondering if there is an optimal, safe or ANY way i can combine doing Gymnastic Strength Training™, in particular foundation 1, alongside the Rushfit DVD's (hoping you have heard of it!). Cut a long story short, i have very recently started F1, and am currently 6 weeks into my Rushfit workouts. I work in law enforcement, so would certainly like to keep my conditioning up, and improve it! But i would like to be able to progress in terms of strength too. Following conversations with others i keep being torn between - 1) GST + either Rushfit or running 2) Full body weight training 3xper week + Rushfit or running Basically i understand the importance of strength ( especially in my job) but there has to be that additional factor of cardio and conditioning. No doubt in my mind that GST can lead to incredible strength over time, but can it be combined with enough 'cardio' that i can also achieve solid levels of cardiovascular fitness? Sorry to go on, but there are people here WAY more knowlegable than me about these things, and i would really appreciate some opinions
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