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Found 6 results

  1. Igor De Britto


    I just restarted training an the suggested schedule. Today, it's 7-min warm-up, upper body and weighted mobility. I know warm-up is to come first. Does the sequence matter for the last 2 items?
  2. Nikhil Das Nomula

    Equipment for foundation 1

    Hi, I am starting my foundation 1 program and I have a door pull up bar and rings. Can you let me know if this will suffice or will i need some other equipment as I advance? Thanks, Nikhil
  3. Jan Hluchník

    Weekly schedule

    Hi everybody, I am about to start Foundation 1 and HS 1 and only problem I have is weekly schedule. Firstly I planned to go 4 days/week Foundation 1 and on Wednesday and Saturday have my leg/deadlift session with barbell. But when I looked at HS 1 integrated scheduling with Foundation 1, there is written that if I want HS 4 days/week too, I should go HS for Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri and Foundation Wed/Sat but for all 7 elements in one day - this inclines into my leg/deadlift sessions. Is it possible to go my HS just every day after my Foundation work ? And one more, is it possible (isnt it contraproductive?) to do all 7 foundation elements every day in 4days/week schedule for faster progression (instead of first 4 in one day and others 3 in second day) ?
  4. Jeffrey Mailly

    Confusion about Stretch program

    Hello Everyone. I decided to purchase Foundation 1 after a few months of following the GB Facebook page and stumbling upon some podcasts and YouTube interviews this week with Coach Sommer. I literally just purchased it today and will be doing the PE1 Initial Assessment on Saturday. Will start the Foundation workouts on Monday. Anyways I have some confusion trying to figure out if I'm making the right selection of programs. I did see that Coach Sommer posted about the curriculum but I didn't see anything about the "Stretch" program in there specifically. I want to make sure I succeed in this and have the right selection of programs from the get-go. Does Stretch integrate with other programs or should it be taken as an independent program?
  5. Stephen Ripley

    Daily Training?

    Hey, I'm looking to start training with the F1 and H1, but haven't ordered them yet. I need to plan out some daily scheduling before they will arrive can anyone tell me how many days a week the training is for each? Thanks this would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hey guys, I've always been fairly athletic, sports all my life. Recently I've been rockclimbing as my sport of choice. Im looking to get into gymnastics, I've always been interested but I've always been playing some other sport. Is foundation one a good entry level program? I do handstands (although im sure with very bad form) and have been learning how to backflip/frontflip. Im looking to spend about 2 hours a day, 6 days a week at minimum. What is a reasonable time frame before foundation one mastery? I've heard else where that it can take years, but im 19 and young Also, does foundation one come with a good stretching regiment? Im fairly clueless when it comes to anything other than basic stretches/ I know none of the science behind it. Im looking to learn why, as well as how. Oh and last but not least, what equipment is needed for foundation one, and could I build it? DIY syle Thanks for the info -Conor
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