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Found 3 results

  1. Chantal Thiel

    Buying Stretch Series for Advanced Stretcher

    Hi everyone! I've been hooked on Foundation one and two and I am looking to reach the ground for the middle splits and go into oversplits for my front splits as I already am able to do front splits. Would you recommend buying the Stretch series for middle and front splits even if I am advanced already?
  2. saiyaman

    Advanced tuck planche form check

    Hi everyone this is my first post, I'm currently doing my first cycle of advanced tuck planche, I want to know if my form is correct. Could anyone help me out? Here's a video of my second week and my first week: http://youtu.be/7Nf-vAm4nXE My max time hold is 16 seconds The first week I did this for my workouts: -Planche leans 20 seconds X 3 sets -Advanced Tuck Planche 8 seconds X 8 sets Today was the first day of the second week and I tried something new: -One set of 20 seconds planche lean -Advanced tuck planche 8 seconds X 8 sets ( same as first week) -And I finished with 2 sets of 20 seconds planche leans. I noticed that my form on advanced tuck planche was better and a little easier, I think I'm going to do it like this now. Thanks
  3. htaehxela

    Intermediate planche progressions

    hey guys, I am currently using advanced tuck planche push ups and have hit a plateau, so i tried to progress onto half lay straddle planche holds but i was too weak for that. anyway i discovered and intermediate (image attached) and was wandering whether you guys thought it was worth training. thankyou if it is good, what would it be called?

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