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Found 2 results

  1. Daniel Taylor-Shaut

    Weight lifting

    Not to infer that I'm in any way in a rush, but am wondering what the general suggestion is to safely add weights/weight lifting back into one's routine (whether with powerlifting lifts towards hypertrophy or with Olympic lifting lifts towards strength)? Obviously, I would assume that I would have to be on Foundation 4 or finished for my legs, because, duh. But what about other weighted work? Whether that means adding weight to the front lever, straddle planche, or rope climb, or doing the O-lifts: snatch, and clean&jerk; or the power lifts: bench, squat, and deadlift, what would @Coach Sommer or others, like @Luke Searra, suggest? Also, what would be the preferred approach: adding weight to the Foundation movements or incorporating stand-alone workouts with powerlifting or Olympic lifting lifts? Just curious as I do enjoy the "pump" I get after those exercises, but I'm still some ways away from being comfortable with my active and passive flexibility and range of motion (meaning they are all still lacking quite a lot).
  2. Blaze Kwaymullina 162734

    Mobility / Powerlifting Pairs

    Hi guys, simple question here. I do 531 at the moment at a Powerlifting / Strong man Gym down the road. I started recently using the stretch series three times a week from GB. That is all i currently use GB for - the stretch series. My strength training focuses on squat, deadlift, bench and Press (though i did buy the other basic courses as it is something i will no doubt try later). One thing i liked in the foundation course is the integration of mobility with the exercises. i.e you do an exercise than do a paired mobility exercise straight after like a super set. I was curious if anyone could recommend a mobility exercise to pair with the four core lifts in 531 that i could do in between sets. i.e: Squat - Mobility Pair X Deadlift - Mobility Pair X Bench Press - Mobility Pair X Overhead Press - Mobility Pair X If it makes any difference i squat and deadlift Sumo style with a very wide stance. In order to improve my mobility i currently warm up with Defrancos simple 6 and Limber 11 and then have just started doing three of the GB stretch sessions per week which kicked my ass.

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