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Found 3 results

  1. Aivin Yappy

    Don't Use Height As An Excuse!

    I realised that many people think that they're too tall for gymnastics and that they can't achieve anything great once they're past 5'7" or something. I find that to be something that can be very discouraging and I know that we all need some motivation at times (as a taller guy myself). Having said that, it's still more important to focus on the journey and doing your best. I want to make this post so that taller people can have a reference to what's achievable even when you're tall (for gymnastics) and gain some motivation. Will you end up in the Olympic team? No. Can you achieve really high levels of strength? Absolutely, especially when following the type of quality resources that GymnasticBodies offers. Alexander Shatilov - 183cm (6') - Olympic Gymnast - Inverted Cross Kristian Thomas - 180cm (5'11") - Olympic Gymnast - Maltese Lachlan Walker - 185cm (6'1") - Level 7 Gymnast - Iron Cross Roye Goldschmidt - 190cm (6'3") Ivan Kajtaz - 180cm (5'11") - Calisthenics and Street Workout Athlete - Floor Maltese and Japanese Handstand Chris Heria - 183cm (6') - Calisthenics and Street Workout Athlete - Full Planche
  2. Morning all, As to the title, I am 50 years old, 6'3", 260lbs, and according to my wife the last one might be wrong. I have lost about 22lbs using slow carb and Tim Ferriss' "4 Hour Body" as a guide. I have done this previously 2 years ago and made it down to 230 and was reasonably strong. I was using an exercise program designed by a trainer at my fitness center and injured my back at the beginning of fall. Needless to say I back slid. Flash forward to today, I am walking about a mile once or twice a day and planning to start back up a training program. I listened to Tim’s interviews with Coach Sommer and was intrigued. The injury that dropped me last time was probably something I should have been able to avoid. The concept of rehabbing connective tissue and joints was a revelation. But, I have become cautious in my middle age. I have read on these forums that taller people with need to work harder and basically become stronger to do the program. To be honest I like that. Gives me a direction, if you will. So, here is a question, at my age, weight and height will this program be useful in reconfiguring my body as it is or is there a weight I need to reach first and some prehab required? I would prefer to not drop the weight and then injury myself again by being, um, improperly prepared. Thanks a head of time, Robert
  3. Hi all, I have listened to coach Sommer's podcasts a few times over the last years and I have always been intrigued when he talks about tendon strength and building a resilient body. I am a 6'8" pro basketball player that just turned 30 and I would like to incorporate this training into my off season routine and if possible keep up some type of work during my season (I have a desire to be strong and healthy after my career so I have no problem playing the long game with this training). I have 2-3 months before official training camp starts and I am wondering which program/programs would be most beneficial for someone like me who wants to build up his joints and tendon strength while balance out some deficiencies in total body strength. I can always use more mobility in my hips, ankles and shoulders I just don't want to overdue it as I still have to prepare sport wise for my job, any tips on how to modify this work through the different seasons would be great too. I wrote an email and they suggested I put it on the forum so here it is. Thankful for any advice I can get on the subject.
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