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Found 3 results

  1. Very similar to other 50's guy who posted recently, I am early 50's, 6'2" 278 lb, moderately active man who is very interested in the Fundamentals program after hearing Sommer on Tim Ferriss's podcast. I also had ACL replacement surgery (cadaver) 3 months ago. Have been doing PT 2x week since surgery and all has gone according to plan. Are there any issues with beginning Fundamentals program with in process ACL recovery?
  2. Morning all, As to the title, I am 50 years old, 6'3", 260lbs, and according to my wife the last one might be wrong. I have lost about 22lbs using slow carb and Tim Ferriss' "4 Hour Body" as a guide. I have done this previously 2 years ago and made it down to 230 and was reasonably strong. I was using an exercise program designed by a trainer at my fitness center and injured my back at the beginning of fall. Needless to say I back slid. Flash forward to today, I am walking about a mile once or twice a day and planning to start back up a training program. I listened to Tim’s interviews with Coach Sommer and was intrigued. The injury that dropped me last time was probably something I should have been able to avoid. The concept of rehabbing connective tissue and joints was a revelation. But, I have become cautious in my middle age. I have read on these forums that taller people with need to work harder and basically become stronger to do the program. To be honest I like that. Gives me a direction, if you will. So, here is a question, at my age, weight and height will this program be useful in reconfiguring my body as it is or is there a weight I need to reach first and some prehab required? I would prefer to not drop the weight and then injury myself again by being, um, improperly prepared. Thanks a head of time, Robert
  3. Tristan Curtis

    Awesome Body Comp Change

    Hi guys! So back in April 2013, I came to this message board for help. I was really stuck with my body composition. I was a stocky 203lb / 92kg, very active, followed a meticulous eating plan... But, I was still at 30% bodyfat and frustrated that my weight didn't move anywhere. I want to thank you guys for helping me out. I got so much amazing advice - learning that I was seriously overestimating the calories I needed, and that despite eating lots of raw veggies my vitamin/mineral intake wasn't great. I particularly want to thank the Slizzard - Josh Naterman - for suggesting I do some study in nutrition. That is exactly what I did. I found a flexbook called Fundamentals in Human Nutrition, released by Kansas State University and went through it very eagerly. After ten years of jumping from one fad diet to another, it was sooo good to finally get a good, solid grounding! The one thing I took away from the study was simple, but very powerful: get your RDAs, and nothing more. I put together a simple meal-plan that gave me the macros, vitamins and minerals I needed in as few calories as possible. I tracked everything I was doing using a great, free online food tracker called Cronometer. I started in May, and immediately began losing two pounds per week! Yesterday, at 167lb / 75kg I decided to stop eating for fat loss and start eating for muscle growth. Goodbye fasted training, hello anabolic window! The visual changes are also very cool to see, this is back when I asked for help compared to today: Still learning to smile for photos... In a store buying smaller clothes, shocked to see strange corrugations on my stomach. Now, I am following Naterman's Perfect Workout Nutrition 2013 plan. This involves eating two-thirds of my calories in a four-hour anabolic window, and the rest of the day eating raw, mineral-dense vegetables, a bit of fruit, and some lean proteins (tempeh). It has been a life-changing eight months, and I'm excited to explore what the next eight months will bring! (I'm going for beast-like strength gains.) Thanks again guys!
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