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Found 2 results

  1. When im doing basic RTO i wounder if you should retract og protract scapula? I feel it impossible to retract if i hold the rings very tight to the body, but when im driving the rings slightly more out i can retract? What is correct posstion of the shoulder/scapula?
  2. Michael Morello

    Learning How To Retract

    Hello i'm Michael i am a teen that was a gym rat doing bench,deadlifts,squats.(i still do deadlifts and squats) now i have a problem i want to get into gymnastics because really i want there physique, they are incredible. my problem is i have been doing these workouts for about 3 month, have been injured twice and i know why. my problem is my anterior part of my deltoid is so strong now it keeps getting injured because it is trying to do jobs it is not suppose to be doing such as by getting pulled or stretched beyond is capacity. (a pulled muscle) so i have been doing front lever and back lever (static hold up to 60 sec) and pull ups and other exercises like handstands. i got both injuries from doing handstands. my back lever is at a 20s second straddle and my front lever not even tucked for 30 seconds basically working on retracting my shoulders. so now i am at a standstill i have been injured twice both injuries are my shoulders. can anyone help me with some exercises to get my front lever to where my back lever is? i have found out that that is my problem to why i keep getting pulled muscles in my shoulders and now i am just looking for some exercises to help even my imbalances in my shoulders and back.
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