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Found 2 results

  1. Jason Neff

    Pistol squats - meniscus tears

    Hello - I know there have been some related forum posts on this issue, but after looking through them I haven't found an answer that really addresses my situation. I have torn the meniscus in each knee, doing pistol squat progressions in both cases (the tear occurred when down in the squatted position). I'm not sure if I just pushed the progressions too fast or if my leg/knee shape is just prone to it. I have had surgery on each knee - the type where they cut away the torn tissue, not repair (both surgeries are over a year in the past, so I'm completely recovered with no pain, although the left knee seems a bit irritated if I do heavy squat work or when I rock climb). My question is this...should I even attempt these progressions again or just avoid trying it? I'm hesitant, partially because both of these injuries occurred doing the progressions. I'm perplexed as to whether this is really possible for me at this point or if I just risk another tear and more damage. I'm hoping someone else might have a similar experience and could bring some insight to bear on how/if I should proceed. Thanks!
  2. Sami Heikkilä

    Single leg squats, knee making noise

    Hello! New member here. Background is 20 years of martial arts, and now I've been training gst for a while. So I can do 5 reps of SLS on both legs, but my right knee makes strange popping sounds at the bottom position. So far no pain. Any ideas? is it a flexibility issue? Strengthwise I can squat with 120kg at bodyweight of 75kg, with good form, so I probably am strong enough.. but this is squatting to just below knee height, not ass-to-grass. Ideas how to fix this? Or what should I do? Conditiom the knee with an easier exercise?
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