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Found 2 results

  1. Danielle

    Handstand Endurance!

    So I would say my endurance is okay, my record is 1:35. But by next this upcoming february I would like to be able to hold a HS for at least 3:30. I am currently working on doing intervals, so like 45 secs on and 1 min off and as it gets easy take 10 sec off the resting time, and many more exercises (wall hold, holding hs, etc.) I was wondering if anyone has any other great endurance exercises for me? Any tips what so ever? Any diet changes specific to endurance training (my dad says diet is important with endurance)? And is this goal even possible for me? Thank you.
  2. Robert Simcox

    Lower Trap Pain With Hs

    I've upped my handstand training to 5 days a week for the last couple weeks, and have been making a lot of progression, but for the last two days, i've noticed some pain start to develop in what feels like near the insertion of the lower trap into the left scapula. The pain is made worse by bring my chin to my chest and stretching the back of my neck, I can also feel tightness when I protract. The pain isn't severe but there's certainly discomfort, for all I know it could be DOMS. It seems like kind of a weird place to get sore from HS work, so I'm going to take a few days off and see how everything feels then, I've spent some time with a lacrosse ball, but I can't seem to find any trigger points, or anything that feels like it's helping. Has anyone experienced this before? Again I've never been sore here from HS work before, so I just want to make sure everything's normal before I begin to train again.
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