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Found 6 results

  1. How much does Foundation One increase flexibility? I have a strength training routine that I'm happy with, but I want to increase my flexibility. Is Foundation One the best option for flexibility and mobility? Thank you.
  2. DiTi447

    About Foundation Courses

    Hi Guys, Im a 20 years old swimmer from israel , and for the past year I started to be very instrested in gymnastics. I started to workout on the bar and dips , and currently i can hold a straddle back lever, and one leg FL . Im very intrested in taking the foundation courses to gain more strenght with an actual training program without my improvisation , also i really want to learn and improve my moves. I would be happy to get some extra inforamtion about the courses, what are the include ? Is it a live course , offline videos or just reading materials? cause if so it will be a problem with timezones. How many sessions per week, how long each one of them and how much time each course takes. Is it possible to combine thr course with my swimming ? cause after practices I can be to sore to to a gymnastics training. To sum up, Im really passionate about your courses but i will be glad to know a bit more before I'll start. Thanks Ahead . Sorry for my bad English
  3. Scott Malin

    Share to Win!

    For those who aren't following us on Facebook, we're having a contest to win a free copy of Foundation One. Share to Win
  4. Brendan Lynch

    Xtreme Rings

    Hey all, Sorry if this is posted somewhere else, but are the Xtreme Rings no longer being sold? I wasn't able to buy them at the same time as F1, but now I would like to get them but I cannot seem to find them on the site anymore. Does anyone know if they are gone for good or when they will make a return? Thanks!
  5. Guest

    Foundation Questions

    I have wanted to buy foundation one for a while now, but have not been able to afford it, until now. I do have some questions about foundation one, and I am sorry if these questions already has been answered.. I know that, in the end, you will be able to hold both levers, a straddle planche, a side lever and manna. But, I do already have both full levers, will that mean that there will be no front/backlever training for me? Also, when I'm done with my foundation workout for the day, will I be able to do some ring strength and parallel bars afterwards? If I am sick or cannot train one day, will the workouts be postforwarded or how does it work? Hoping to get some answers, even though these questions are getting to repetetive...
  6. Hello GB community, I am brand new here and have always been interested in strength training. After reading many of the forum posts about F1, H1, and BtGB and hearing about the results that accompany the training/workouts, I decided I am definitely going to begin here. I have decent strength and a weight lifting background. That being said, I have no experience at all with gymnastics or any of the movements involved (I'm sure no flexibility either) and was wondering which of the three guides (F1, H1, or BtGB) I should begin with. Also, what equipment is essential to progressing in the program? Any advice on the matter is welcome and greatly appreciated as well as any other general tips. Thanks!
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