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Found 8 results

  1. Jonathan Skubis

    How to Make Stall Bars

    I started GB about 7 months ago and then the pandemic hit and all the gyms closed. Being that all my business travel was cancelled and I had some free time I went overboard and did a whole tutorial on how to build your own Stall Bars. I hope you all find it useful and let me know if you have any questions. You can find the detailed instructions and video here: https://www.jfskubis.com/post/how-to-make-stall-bars I hope it adds some value to your training! I know you all probably love GB as much as I do and don't want to see an end to your progress!
  2. Timothy Letscher

    DIY Plyo Box

    I'm slowly building out basement gym equipment, either purchasing when it made sense (affordable stall bars, for example) but I couldn't bring myself to pay hundreds of dollars for a plyo box. There are a ton of DIY plans to find online but I liked this one because it laid out the cut lines for a single 4x8 sheet of 3/4 plywood. I paid $55 for birch from Home Depot and I couldn't be happier with the sturdiness. Works great as a pommel horse if I put a mat on top of it to do hanging leg extensions. Have fun!
  3. Tyler Phillips

    Best non-slip rubber for handstand blocks?

    Hello everyone! Not too long ago I had some downtime at the woodshop I work at, and I was able to build my own handstand blocks after eyeballing a design online and reverse engineering them with a bit of guesswork for some things like the downward angle of the blocks (10 degrees is what I settled on that felt best). They came out great and they're very sturdy and comfortable... except when I try to use them on my hardwood floor they slide! haha I'm asking you all what the best solution to that would be. I was thinking some kind of non-slip rubber flooring material since it would be low-profile (1/16") and I could get it cut to the exact size of the base (10" square). This would be better than typical furniture sliders since they're higher profile thickness (lowest one I saw was 1/4") and don't cover the entire base surface area. Thing is I don't know what rubber would work best for the underside, although I know I want a firm rubber with no give and potentially a bit coarse to prevent movement. For example I see on Home Depot there's 60A Textured Recycled Rubber at $1.88/ft2 which is amazing for the price... but would that work for what I want? Idk much in the realm of rubber materials. :/ Any help y'all could give here would be greatly appreciated. These blocks came out great for a first-time build and I want to get busy with using them without putting down a towel or something all the time as a quick fix. Cheers!
  4. Andrew Long

    Ideas for stall bar installation

    Hej Everyone, I finally have the funds and time to install some stall bars at home but I only have one space to install them and I am trying to figure out how I might do that. I was hoping some people on here would be able to helop me out with some ideas of how to install these bars. Ill upload a picture to show the space below. I have to try install the bars between these 2 poles which are approx 2-3 meters apart. I cant tamper with the floor or the poles I might be able to drill into the beam above though not sure. basically trying to figure out how I can have stall bars inserted between these 2 poles without damaging anything. Cheers for the help
  5. Bob Hamlin

    Stall bar spacing in course videos

    Does anyone know the bar spacing on the stall bars that we see in the course videos? I'm finally getting around to building some stall bars. I don't have access to any stall bar installations, so bar spacing is the one design element where I have nothing to go on. All things being equal, I figured it would be good to have the same spacing on those used in the course videos, as that could help with trying to match positions, especially in H2. Any thoughts?
  6. Daniel Griffiths

    Bamboo for stall bars?

    I'm thinking about making stall bars... there are plenty of plans available online... my question has to do with the material of the bar... has anyone tried using bamboo poles instead of hardwood dowels? I have never worked with bamboo before. But I'm thinking about the switch for two reasons... price and strength. It looks like I can get the same size bamboo pole for half the price of hardwood dowels. The other reason is I've heard that bamboo is much stronger than wood... I'm a bigger guy (6ft & ~230lbs) and I'm worried about the strength of the bars. I've heard stories about hardwood dowels bending with guys much smaller than me using them. Thoughts? Thanks, Dan
  7. Hey Everyone, So my girlfriend and I are looking at making our downstairs area into a gym. We had the idea of building a power rack with built-in on stall bars on the back side. We are unable to attach the stall bars to the wall, and a free standing one takes up a lot of space; so we came up with the combo. Also the power rack will house a pull bar, eventually hang rings, and also will probably add a dip station to it too. At the moment the power rack frame is looking to be about 4'x4'x 8'. The stall bars 3x8' attached to the back. The stall bars would be placed where you would usually rack the bar, and instead you would rack from the other side (you would be facing the stall bars). Any thoughts or ideas? Any potential limitations?
  8. Jonathan Silverman

    Stalls Bars are Expensive

    How will we bring elite gymnastic training to the masses if stall bars are more expensive than a high-powered personal computer? I'm not a woodworker so I can't build one. Can anyone out there make a blueprint for DIY PVC stall bars? That would be cheaper I imagine. Thanks.
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