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Found 3 results

  1. Alejandro Gjezi

    Jumper's Knee Mayhem

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, oh, and beasts, there should be some in here, judging from the coach's work. XD I'm new to this forum. Coach Somer directed me here after contacting him online to adress my problem so that everybody could benefit from whatever needs to be said about my condition. I guess that injuries in this part of the body may not be as popular as shoulder-elbow ones, yet I believe it needs to be addressed as it attacks athletes of any status, be it proffessionals or amateurs, gymnasts or gym rats, vertical leap freaks or desk-syndrome junkies! What am I talking about? The dreaded JUMPER'S KNEE. Getting started on the condition I feel like I need to post a brief summary of who I am and what i do, so that you may better understand my goals, and then get on the more general side of things... First of all, I am a Greek basketball athlete. My goal is becoming a proffessional in the sport. For the moment, my knees are thwarted by tendinosis in the patellar tendon, to be exact the lower pole of the patella. It has kept me one year and something TOTALLY OUT of my sport. I used to be quite the athlete when it came to basketball (see, I'm talking like a grandpa, but i'm only 20!) Had about a 2xsquat and deadlift when i was 18, could jump about 92cms with running approach, could dunk it while being 5.8ft tall etc etc. The problem came due to overworking, extrinsic factors such as concrete courts and my inability to give it a f*king rest when my body told me for two goddamn years to stop (through pain) Well, enough with the bragging, down to the problem. One knee (left, my primary jumping knee as a right handed basketball player) is severe enough to have warranted a prior (failed) surgery done arthroscopically (debridement) The other is just your regular run-in-the-mill jumper's knee. The severe condition presents fibrotic tissue in about 1/3 of the tendon's width coupled with the usual tendon thickness, and some other menial sites of fibrotic tissue under recovery due to the (stupid) doctor's choices to debride tissue that should have been left alone. There is evidence of a previous partial tear of minimal importance (as it has healed now) yet scar tissue remains present there (at the insertion) too. It has all the characteristics of insertional patellar tendinosis plus some. NOW: My plan of action is using a recently popularized method called Tenex to debride the faulty tissue, a couple of prp+ Stem Cell injections and a peptide (called tb500) to warrant quality healing, aka no more fibrosis and re-injury. The less injured knee will recieve about the same treatment except for the Tenex procedure, which is out of my league (cost-wise) for both knees, which will be interchanged for percutaneous needling to make the injury acute again and warrant a new healing cycle. Lengthy introductions have been made. Now, the three REAL questions i got. 1.Has ANYBODY here used the Tenex procedure, Stem Cells, Peptides (yes, I know they are considered and technically are anabolics, thank you) to get ANY tendon rid of fibrosis, aka curing tendinosis in ANY site, not necessarily the knee? Do you know about somebody who did? 2.Has anybody gotten rid of severe Patellar Tendinosis-Jumper's knee by any OTHER means? 3.(probably most important) What can I do with a damaged knee except terminal leg raises and isometric holdings to keep excercising to avoid further atrophy of my quad-bicep femoris? Also, what will I do to condition my knees AFTERWARDS to turn them into IRON SPRINGS? Is there any gymnastics protocol? I'm aware there is one discipline in gymnastics where they jump doing flips and so from one corner to another (don't know how they call it in English, sorry) and they seem to have really conditioned legs... Thanks to everybody willing to read all this and respond, and sorry for the lengthy post. All questions, answers and general contributions are welcome, thanks to coach Sommer for giving me access to this forum
  2. Raidho

    Landing in hollow?

    So I've taken up some parkour-training along with F1 and rehabing after shoulder surgery. REEEAAALLY basic stuff like jumping and landing silently and in control. I'm staying away from the different vaults until the end of the year. A question on landing and absorption of impact and what is best for the spine, especially the lower back. It seems as when I land straight down, I tend to let my lower back go into extension. I do of course land on the balls of my feet and bend the knees, but what about hip rotation and the spine? It feels as if I'm gonna hurt myself if i don't watch it. Should I think that my spine should be as if in a hollow body position? Aka the tailbone a bit tucked under? How do I best distribute the impact through out my body if i don't roll? I figure gymnast must be quite good at this since they regularly "stick landings" dismounting from stallbars, rings etc.
  3. Oldrich Polreich

    Optimal landing technique?

    Hello What in your opinion is the most optimal landing technique to use on hard surface? Now when I say optimal, i mean optimal for the joints (minimizing impact), not optimal from gymnastic standpoint. I come from parkour/freerunning background and common rule here is "not more than 90 degrees knee angle" (with roll to dissipate remaining momentum). This is usable in some situations, but not in most (jumps for precision being the fine example). I've been thinking a lot about squat landings - landing on extended legs , than squating (properly) and touch hands to floor to dissipate kinetic energy. I've put this to a test and it felt very different from typical landing, more natural and smooth. My knowledge in the field of biomechanics is limited and that is why i post this here. To get suggestions whether or not is this a good idea to develop. As i mentioned earlier, aestetic quality is not my goal here, function is. I'll be very glad for every opinion Thanks
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