Train Dead Hangs for Shoulder Mobility and Posture

Dead Hangs for Shoulder Mobility

Couple hangs for their health on the pull-up bar.

Consider training dead hangs for shoulder mobility and improved posture. Your body will feel great when hanging around opens your shoulder girdle and decompresses your spine. If you ever experience tension headaches, neck stiffness, or lower back discomfort, this simple drill may be what you're missing. 

Enter the world of hanging (or what the fitness world simply calls dead hangs). It may come as a surprise but hanging is extremely beneficial for so many areas of your body including your hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, and spine. If we kept hanging from early childhood and never stopped, we would never lose our shoulder mobility or have as many shoulder issues as adults.

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Sculpt Your Arms With Bodyweight Tricep Training

bodyweight tricep

When working to develop a super strong upper body, don’t overlook the triceps! We wrote a previous article about bicep training, and this bodyweight tricep training is the other half of every movement your arms make.  The training techniques you’ll read about in this article can do wonders for developing strong, well-developed triceps with supple

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Build Steely Grip Strength: 5 Minute Forearms

grip strength

Your wrists work hard, day in and day out. – and you may not even realize all they help you accomplish in everyday activities and fitness pursuits alike. Fun fact: your grip strength is one of the best indicators of how strong your entire body is since so many exercises and daily tasks involve the

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Back to Basics: Timeless Moves For a Healthy, Strong Back

GymnasticBodies shows off her back muscles built by bodyweight GST.

Let’s start with strong back basics! Your backbone is the pillar of your body, holding you up and keeping you going strong. Many muscles, both large and small, help break up your back’s workload. Attending to these muscles not only makes you look F-I-N-E from behind, but also promotes healthy postures, increases the ranges in

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Bodyweight Biceps: Train Smarter For Sculpted Arms

bodyweight biceps

What says, “Hey, I like to workout” more than a set of muscular and defined arms? Rather than doing bicep curls on the regular, let’s try something that’ll get you better results in a shorter period of time. In this two-part series, we will be showing you how to completely transform your biceps. Coach Christopher

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Rear Delts—Two Great Shoulder Exercises to Fire 'Em Up

rear delts

When it comes to shoulder exercises, pressing often reigns supreme in our workouts. Think traditional bodyweight exercises like pushups and dips, which are great for building front delt muscle definition and strength, no doubt. But when it comes to building strong, aesthetically pleasing, and injury-proof shoulders, it’s important not to skip out on your rear

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Frog Stand Mastery: 3 Simple Moves to Get Yours

frog stand

Do you have an exercise that’s part of your upcoming fitness goals? There are certain movements that are just more exciting than others, and we know there’s a lot of training involved before you get there. But once you finally hit your marker of success, it seems like you can conquer anything. Setting reachable goals

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Push-up Variations Your Upper Body Hasn't Even Thought About

push-up variation

The almighty push-up! One of the oldest – not to mention most effective – upper body exercises out there. But there are a plethora of push-up variations that can add some serious added strength and flavor to your upper body workouts. Variety in your workout is key to developing a well-rounded physique. This is especially

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Scapular Mobility: The Key to Greater Shoulder Freedom

scapular mobility

Scapular mobility could be the boost you needed to get stronger more mobile shoulders, and everyone can benefit from greater shoulder health. Whether you work a full-time desk job, lift weights on the regular, or just feel like your shoulders are worn down from years of abuse, we’re here to assure you that you ARE

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Freedom to Press: How to Maximize Shoulder Stability

Freedom to Press: How to Maximize Shoulder Stability

Dear aspiring athletes, recreational exercisers, and even desk-bound office workers: We have an important message for you! Whether your goals are to improve athletic performance or to just move and feel better in everyday life, it’s of the utmost importance that you remember this: No matter what activity you partake in — athletic or not

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