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How Far From The Wall Should Hands Be For Hespu?

Bryan Wheelock

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Bryan Wheelock

I've moved my hand from 8 inches away from the wall to 5.5 inches.
My belly to the wall HeSPU has gotten incredible hard.
I can hold a wall HS 60s for 3 sets, so I should have the strength for HeSPU.
I was able to perform 1 or 2 reps of HeSPU with my hands at 8 inches.
With hands at 6 inches I can maybe do 1, but I feel my balance point is to far forward for me at the bottom of HeSPU and I'm falling forwards.

I understand that we want our hands as close as possible to the wall for wall Handstands, does that idea not apply to HeSPU?

Also in the interest of deloading intensity, what movement would be 80% of 1 rep max HeSPU?

Box HeSPU for 3 sets of 3 OR 3 sets of 5?


I know that negative wall HeSPU are the next level down, but 3 sets of 3 negative HeSPU seems pretty intense.


I think I need to add the deloading because after 4 months of GB programming my max rep HeSPU has remained the same. ( 1 or 2 reps )


I'm even thinking about incorportating strict pressing my 70 lb kettlebells ( max is about 10 reps ) because that'd be about 60% of the load of my HeSPU. ( I weigh 230 lbs )

Would these KB presses help with the development of more reps in HeSPU or is the movement too different.

I'm trying to press with my elbows tucked forward so it's more a tricep movement like the freestanding HeSPU is.

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Stefan Hinote

I would focus on getting your wall HS closer to the wall, and the same for HeSPU.


I believe HeSPU should be done with elbows tucked in, so that may require some space between your wrists and wall, but perhaps not as much as 6". If you're too far away from the wall than form starts to go.


As for deloading only you is going to be able to tell what 3x3 or 3x5 feels like in comparison to your HeSPU.


Deloading definitely sounds like a good idea.


I'm not a gymnast, nor have I attended any seminars, so take my advice as you will. :)

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I do HeSPU with the help of my doorframe pullup bar (the bar supports my legs). This way my bodyline is quite good and i can move my elbows backwards.

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Bryan Wheelock

Nyikhaj, so your toes are hooked over the bar?


I did something like that on a smith machine and it felt easier than when my toes just slide up the door.

That movement felt more like an incredibly inclined pushup because you rotate around the foot as a fulcrum. I'd imaging the foot also reduces the load somewhat.


I'm doing my best to perform HeSPU with tucked elbows belly to the wall, but it feels like my Center of Mass gets too far in front of my palms with my hands 6 inches from the wall. This is especially true if I try to maintain a hollow body.


In the free standing HeSPU the head does appear to go far in front of the hands.

I'm really not sure which is correct.


In BtGB, the HeSPU negatives look more like Crossfit "Handstand Pushups" with the elbows flaring out.

I've been doing my HeSPU negatives belly to the wall after cast walk walking up.


Maybe HeSPU negatives should be kicked up back to the wall then lowered without the feet touching the wall.

I can't tell from the pictures.

I just tried that and it's hard to maintain balance at the bottom of the movement. Could be a lack of practice.


What's the right way?

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Andrew Graham

i think your approach needs to be tweaked.


What i find best is once you are set in a 'naval to wall' handstand, keep your nose in contact with the wall as you slide down SLOWLY! Now with that in mind as your arms bend, focus on retracting your scapula to allow your elbows to become in line with the sides of your body. If your head is up and facing the floor it will inhibit proper retraction therefore your arms will flare out towards the wall pushing your body away. Only go down to the point where your form is perfect and then push back up.


Good luck, and let us know how you get on!




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BigB: no, i do not hook my feet. My legs are just sliding. Bio-mechanix wrote above how to do it the right way, i read the same from Coach in a thread somewhere on this forum. However my shoulders and my elbows do not feel well doing it that way as I am quite big and relatively new to HeSPU.

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