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Help Me With My Workouts.

Michael Morello

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Michael Morello

Hi i am a beginner i started about 4 mouths ago and have been doing very well in my opinion


i do these 4 static hold right now

BL- full almost just tried today got maybe a full second of it. but relatively a good 20 sec straddle

FL- not so good, still tucked for about 25 sec and trying to do volume on it

L sit- 18 seconds

ring support (arms straight and locked out)- not that well ether about 15 seconds.


now my workouts-because i can not do the full workouts yet because i am working off of a pull up bar with my gymnastic rings hanging from them 

  i can only do dips really and pull ups.

so can do progress in back lever and front lever until i have the full FL and BL and just work on my pulling and pushing such as in dips and for pulling i can do pull ups. 

also i am working on handstands everyday and handstand press to PL (tucked)

so basically i need help understanding the WOD because i don't understand the entirely.

or can someone give me a youtube channel the does the workouts so i can see and follow of they are done.

i know how to scale down the movements for my strength level because that is fairly simple.


i am still very confused about the workouts and how to do them.


can anyone comment on what i am doing and tell me if this is a good start for 4 months. ( i transferred from bodybuilding/ power lifting to this) and i like this more somewhat because it basically evened me out and i just like change so if anyone can help me in anyway i would defiantly appreciate it. (i am 17 years old and i weigh 180)( and about 12% BF)

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