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Ryan Jawad

Frequency Of Exercise In Legs Vs Arms

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Joshua Naterman

So, from my perspective as someone who is interested in the imbalances that come from a lack of comprehensive daily movement, what I see in those videos is nearly the exact opposite of what we see in most athletic training facilities.


Modern training facilities:


  • very little balance, or spatial awareness, training (though functional fitness people manage to take this too far in the other direction)
  • Movements rely on "prime movers"
  • very linear, uni-planar motion

The movements in martial arts, particularly the "Spring Legs" movements:


  • Heavy emphasis on spatial awareness and balance
  • Movements rely on deeper postural muscles
  • Lots of non-linear and multiplanar movement


To me, these are the perfect compliments to each other. I have started doing basic scales and airplane exercises for the hips, and am getting back into my own version of the "Spring Legs" which is pretty much just "move in every way my legs, and associated joints, can move." It feels great, and definitely enhances overall leg performance.


I tend to do the lighter "Spring Legs" type stuff nearly every day, though usually not more than 5-10 minutes.


I'm finding that 1-2x per week for heavy banded front squats is my preferred, and most effective, schedule for "prime mover"  oriented exercises. I tried playing around with more frequent work, but I don't like it so much... It interferes too much with my flexibility work.


I saw a lot of stuff I like in the two videos on this page of the thread, going to incorporate them.


Thanks for the posts, Craig!

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