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Robert Simcox

Solution To Wrist Pain?

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Robert Simcox

I've always had fairly sensitive wrists, which for quite a while kept me from doing any kind of HS work. For some reason only wrist extension aggravated me though, I've always been able to do full wrist pushups with ease. 

About 4 months ago I found that if I actively engage my posterior forearm muscles while my wrist is in extension, it almost feels like it braces my wrists... after about a week of doing this all pain was gone and I was, and still am able to handstand to my hearts content. Just actively flexing my posterior forearm, and kind of rapidly bringing my wrist to extension throughout the day, especially pre-handstand, combined with all the basic wrist stretches have completely fixed my wrist pain.


I've searched all over, and I've never heard of this method before. I've been rock climbing very regularly for the last two years which is obviously very anterior forearm dominant... Maybe I just had a muscular imbalance, and strengthening my posterior forearm balanced everything out?


Anyways, I thought I would put this info out there for others who may be suffering from wrist pain, and I'm also curious if anyone could explain why this worked so well for me?

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Brian Li

Interesting! I have very inflexible wrists at wrist extension too and it's painful for me to do handstands. I will try your methods. Thanks for putting this out! The posterior forearm muscles are all the wrist extensors right?

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