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Ces Cruz

Greasing The Groove Beginner Template

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Ces Cruz

Hey guys, my name is Cesar and I've always had a desire to master my body and am excited to embark on this journey. I'm no stranger to physical fitness, having done Capoeira for 4 years, and practicing BJJ now. However, life happens and I fell off. Anyways, I did a max test yesterday to help me craft a good program and I wanted some advice/direction on it. Here are my results.

Height 5'11"

Age: 27

Weight 208lbs

25% body fat


  • Maintain weight at 185 lbs
  • Planche
  • Hollowback handstand
  • Front and Back Levers


WALL HANDSTAND (01:02 min) - began struggling after 00:45 secs. Felt some discomfort in my right shoulder (probably due to an old rotator cuff injury back in 2007)

L-SIT LOW STRAIGHT LEG PB - (00:23 secs)

FROG TUCK PLANCHE - (00:18 secs) Minor discomfort in my right wrist, probably due to a motorcycle accident 4 years ago.

GERMAN HANG (00:00 secs) To my surprise I couldn't hold this position because of strain I felt in my inner right elbow. This is most likely due to an armbar injury from BJJ I got 11 months ago.

DEAD HANG (01:05 secs)

BACK LEVERS TUCK (00:12 secs) Even though I can't hold german hangs, I've played with this move before and I feel no discomfort. The only reason I had to let it go was due to forearms giving out.


PSEUDO PLANCHE PU'S (5) My palms faced outward slightly below my belly line.



DIPS (15)


So as you can see, the muscle imbalances and deficiencies became painfully aware to me (damaged right arm ligaments, SLS squats imbalances).

I do emphasize strict form on everything, I'm just a bit lost on what's the best way to proceed from here. I'm a big believer in Pavel's Greasing the Groove method. I did it before when I used to seriously train hard and I got amazing results. So in any case, I would like to structure my program doing the same things 5 days a week, and never going to failure.

So at the very least, it would be:

  • Pre-Hab work
  • FSP warmup
  • FBE circuit.

Exercises to include?


  • Since I have weak wrists/forearms, I figure I should do deadhangs gripping towels instead of the bar. (thoughts on this?)
  • Standard L-sit, HS Wall hold, Frog tuck Planche?
  • Should I abandon Back Levers even though I feel comfortable?


  • Since my max Pullups and HS CHAIR PU'S are so low, should I keep doing them in singles or replace them with an easier exercise?
  • I have pretty big thighs and would rather do as little leg's as possible, but this is a huge muscle imbalance in my right and left SLS, How should I approach that?
  • Should I keep the Pseudo Planche PU's?

I know it's a lot of questions, (and trust me, I have the book, and I read the forum) I just hope a little direction from someone who knows more will help me. Thanks guys.

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Ian Myers

I'm not going to advise you on your workout setup, as I am no expert, however I do implore you to read over the prereq thread and the thread on scapular positioning for planches. Also take pictures of your handstand and make sure your line is straight and hollow. If you need help with that post some in the digital coaching forum! :)

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