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self spotting system

John Sapinoso

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John Sapinoso

I Macgyvered myself a self spotting system the other day for rings

It's pretty simple and effective if you want to give it a try here's what i did:

borrowed two resistance bands with handles from some of the team boys

borrowed two velcro straps from the big fun swing, any belt really will do.

set up the rings on a highbar

looped the resistance bands over the bar slightly narrower than the rings

looped the velcro strap through the resistance band handles to form a belt

when ready to go strap the velcro around your waist, it helps to have a partner pull down on the bands.

to increase spot, lower the rings...it increases tension since the bands are stretched more (or if necessary add bands)

to decrease spot raise the rings...it decreases tension since the bands are stretched less(or use lighter/ less bands)

pros: easy to set up, can be done solo, cheap

cons: can be uncomfortable if too much tension, the bands can get in the way of certain skills and migrate to the topmost point of the belt (can be solved pretty easily but i made the rig in a few seconds)

If any one is interested and wants pics tell me

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