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BCAA recommendations


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Thomas Hanssen

BCAA is a hype and a waste of money. Theres little evidence for their efficacy.

Buy normal food, or a protein supplement that contains more than 3 amino acids

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Chris Viglietta

@Thomas HanssenI consume lots of good food PWO. I just checked the collagen hydrolysate I've been taking for 3+ months now and it has a 312mg of leucine, 144mg of isoleucine, and 264g ofvaline per 12g serving amongst 10+ other amino acids in the profile breakdown. I normally take 3 rounded scoops which equals 30g of protein.

I've never tailored my workouts to strength training but have done a pretty great job of eating clean foods.

Reading @Joshua Naterman's posts about consuming BCAA's pre-workout and after to reduce wasted protein consumed PWO seemed like a pretty easy thing for me to add into my training. I'm still unsure if my collagen protein is the best source for PWO. Will look into whey, but I've been non-dairy for so long now...

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