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10 one arm chin ups

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Joshua Naterman
Great idea, with the assist on the support hand on the negatives, now I can begin with working the negatives immediately. I think that I will aim for 3x10 then, I do not think that I can handle any more volume with that intensity anyway.

I use paralletes for all the static holds on the floor, so that would solve the problem with the manna. By the way, what is the recommendations about the static holds, should they be perfomed on the floor, paralletes or does it even matter?

If you don't care about doing planches on the floor, it doesn't really matter. Even if you do, it won't take too long to build up the hand and wrist strength and mobility you'd need. The overall strength is very similar from the biceps on down through the shoulders and spine.

The one thing to look out for when doing L sit on PB is to make sure you have something the same height as the top of the PB so that your L sit is high enough, when you are finally ready for full L sit (which you may very well already be)

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