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Jordi Van Gelder

Planche problem

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Obviously I can't prove it, but I can almost guarantee that the Victorian takes considerably more core strength than the front lever. Looots more. I also feel that it takes a good deal more lower back strength to do a planche or maltese than a back lever. Even though it's probably usually more of a shoulder-chest-arm strength problem than a core strength problem if you are having lots of trouble with the planche variations, as other people mentioned. Also there's the problem of learning how to have all of your muscle groups work in harmony to allow such strength positions to be achieved. I think a lot of the time the strength can develop quicker than the CNS can coordinate the body parts to work as a unit. So keep working on the scapular protraction in planche leans and you should see some progress. Also, working 360 pulls really helped me to develop a lot of core strength. Mind you, I'm not the most qualified to give advice, but that's my two cents.

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