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Learning Ring Swings & Dislocate/Inlocate

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hi, this is a new topic, derived from


but is focused only about learning ring swings & dislocate/Inlocate

this are the keys to learning swings:

Coach Sommer:

1) Begin from a still hang with relaxed shoulders and then start with the smallest swings possible. Gradually make the swings larger and larger however, and this is very important, as soon as the swing becomes jerky stop immediately and begin again from a still hang.

2) Keep your chin down on your chest while swinging.

3) Your body should curve upwards during both sides of the swing; for the front swing the body will be hollowed, for the back swing the body will be arched (primarily through the shoulder girdle).

4) Kick upward to generate power during the swing.

5) Never kick down during a ring swing, but allow the body to retain the shape of the previous ascent (hollow for a front swing/arched for a back swing) as it falls back to the hang.

6) When the body reaches the hang (vertical) in between the swings, allow the shoulders to completely open. There should be no piking whatsoever.

7) The rings should begin to move forward and backward as you swing. How much they will do so, will be entirely dependent on the size of your swing. At a full power ring swing, the rings will travel half a body length forward and half a body length backward.

It is important to remember that a ring swing is not a high bar swing. During a high bar swing, the body moves around the bar. During a ring swing, the rings move around the body. This is a subtle, but important difference.


There is not enough tension on the rings. You are allowing your arms to bend by trying to pull on the rings rather than push.

You do not need to turn the rings in as much on the front swing. You are also bending your arms as you do so.

Your head position is way too out. Neutral or tucked chin in.

Not very important but you need to learn how to start on the rings from a perfectly straight position, not arched with the head out. I teach this first from an L hang and then and then from inverted hang drop to swing and then from a basket position (inverted pike kick out sometimes called a cast).



what you lack in my opinion is shoulder flexibility and poor timing with dynamic movements.

On your back swing for example; it seems as though you keep the rings to close together at the peak of your back swing which causes you to over hyper extend your back (like a bridge position) to the point that you kill a lot of potential height. try to lift your hips with your feet while pulling the rings apart at the peak of your back swing. something I also really found helped was trying to back swing into a back lever position, then dislocate into a front swing to inverted hang and repeat.


i figured out what's the problem with my swings , and how to do it right:


1) shoulder flexibility & arm positions:

my arms should be behind the head, like in the pictures,

this is the most counter-intuative part for me with the swing

also the hang position should be like this

and i need to work on my shoulder flexibility

a great way i found for flexibility is to use stall bars like this:


put the hands on the bars, at shoulder height, on the same bar, have a some distance between them,

lower your back so it's 90 degrees, like in l sit, and you head is tucked in, stay in the position untill it's comfortable,

then , get your back up, get your hands a little closer, a lower you back again and to the same thing, over and over, untill you can get them pretty close, like in a handstand

you should feel very comfortable in this position before you do it in the swings

2) head position:

i shouldn't look up all the time, it should be neutral with the chin tucked in, but not too much because it will make you do a dislocate

3) kicks:

i should only kick on the front of the swing and when i swing backward i should keep the hollow form and not kick

4) opening of the arms:

i should open the arms a lot more , almost like an inverted cross,

while keeping them behind the head, like this,


5) press to handstand timing,

only after 75% of the swing is completed, then you should press to handstand and get your arms closer

6) kick/swing angle:

should be more upward then front/back

7) always keeping pressure on the rings

i tend to forget it in the middle of doing swings

8 ) legs straight, togheter , and pointed

waistes lesss energy

9) not bending anything:

everything should be extended

in addition to the list I did before about the swings

here are more couple of tips that helped me improve the swing:

on the back of the swings , squeeze the butt so that the legs won't hyper-extend

on the peak of the back swing try to push the upper half part of the back, upward,

somthing like a fast forward shrugg of the shoulder to gain a little more height

when doing swings train on doing inlocate/dislocate into dismount at the peak of it,

like, you swing into dismount while doing inlocate/dislocate

this really helped me do a really good form dislocate

this was a breaktrue for me today, i found it out by mistake, but it's really good


Your swing on SR is coming along but there is still too much slack in the swing itself. More pull back on the rings in the front swing.


opening of the arms:

i should open the arms a lot more , almost like an inverted cross,

while keeping them behind the head, like this,"

Yes, BUT ONLY after pushing the rings as forward as possible. Push rings forwards, then open out.


what should i do about tight shoulders?

what i'm currently doing are those excersices:

the stall bar excersise i talked about on the list

also more excersie on the stall bar, i'm standing with the bars behind me,

then i put the right hand at shoulder height on the vertical part of the stall bar, the part that holds the bards,

and stretch it with leaning and turning the body away,

then i do the same with the hand below shoulder height,

and again with the hand above shoulder height,

and then i do the same with the left hand

holding the rings, putting the legs a little behind on the mat, and leanning forward, like the position of the back of the swing

skin the cat holds and stretches it, with holding it with legs in the air, and with legs forward on the mat

holding the rings, relaxing the back, then starting to lean in circle to stretch the shoulders to every direction

so i do like , 5 to the right then 5 to the left...

holding a stick and passing it above the head with the hands to the back, and then return it back to the front ,

move the hands closer togheter on the stick every couple of passes


Look up Slizzardman's youtube. He should have a video on there with some more specifilc shoulder stretches.

MobilityWOD should have a lot of material as well. A lot of them tend to repeat itself but it still has lots of good stuff.

Stall bar bridges, doing cat stretch while holding the stall bars around hip height. Doing a German Hang stretch on them.


about the excercise for stiff shoulders, with the stick that you pass above the head to the back and return to the front,

it's can be done with a stick, but also with a towel

i think it's probably the most effective drill for flexibility for swings

the test if you are flexible enough in the shoulders, from what i heard,

is that with your hands up at shoulder width and stretched as most as you can to the back,

if someone reletivly big, can put his arm between your hands and you head, then it's flexible enough for swings,

but this position should be easy and comfortable to do and you can get to it without too much effort,

as if you can do more than that, you should be strong and comfortable in that range

also , about the dislocate -> dismount drill that i talked about,

as a progression, it can be done with legs bent and head little below the rings , at first,

but after that, you should stretch the legs togheter , and push yourself up,

so that your head is at the same heigth of the rings, like a momentary inverted cross,

and then you can remove the dismount and do a dislocate , descend from it , and continue swinging,

then do the same progression for inlocate

then work on swinging, and incorporate inlocate and dislocate into it,

and the swings will get higher and better, with the increased ability of the shoulder elastisity

to handle the shock at the bottom, and also you will gain more confidence in your swings

do the drill with the stick for 10 minutes before the swinging session, and again after it for 5 minutes, rest , and try again

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i shot a video of the dislocate:


here is a picture sequence of it from different angles :


what should i do to improve it?


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from what i noticed this is what i need to improve on the dislocate:

head should be at the height of the rings like inverted cross

push with the hand upward

don't fold legs

keep legs togheter

feet pointed

don't leave the rings at the hands , and keep doing swings after the dislocate

need to have more accurate timing of ascend and arm opening

these are good examples i found for it





is there something else i need to improve in the dislocate that i've missed, to make it better?


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is doing ring swings with weight belt any good?

did someone tried it?

does it helps improve it?


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Iwan Thomas

Interesting thread. Hoping to learn these in the future.

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thanks, wish you great success in it

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Spirals has a better inlocate than dislocate. He muscles his dislocate with his head out but gets away with it because he is darn strong.

Notice the kick at the bottom during the inlocate.

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didn't noticed the kick at the bottom

how is the head should be, if it's not to be out?



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Neutral or tucked in.

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i have been working on a lot of swings and dislocates and some inlocates

also on iron cross which i can now do totally straigth for many seconds, and also kips

here is a video i made today using slow motion video comparision technology for the dislocate:


watch in full screen, the details are better on HD,

(this video was specifically designed to run in a loop so the start and end are at the same position)

also in addition to looping, i can pause the video and advance through it frame by frame for better comparision

this is very helpful,

give it a try (what you'll need: smartphone/camera,youtube,and video editor like power director or premier)

this was shot using a smartphone but it's preffered to shot it with dslr/mirrorless camera that supports full hd and capturing video in slow motion(by doubling the framerate not by editing the movie, so it's originally in slow motion),

in the worst case you can change the speed by using the video editor, with youtube search a video with how you want your technique to be put both videos next to eachother and make a video of it, it should take less than 15 minutes

so give it a try

stuff that i noticed:

i should extend straighten and lock arms when above the rings

legs toghether when above the rings

kich a little sonner but still high,

do it between 270 and 360 degrees

don't kick after 360 degrees backward,

and time it right

shouders should be a little higher after the kick

spend less time on the bottom, change the direction of the swing faster/more aggressively

and time it right to achieve more momentum, and always keep pressure on the rings

whe doing a dislocate 2 important factors i have found are:

the angle of the kick on the front swing(should be more up less farword and timed correctly),

and the angle of the body on the fall before you hit the bottom of the swings(your body should be on the beggining of the front swing exactly before you hit the bottom of the swing)

also i noticed that watching and trying to make sense out of double pendulum physics

can help improve swings and to understand them better

try it here(using the mouse to adjust it like a ring swing):


here is a video of some swings today:


tell me what you think, and

what should i do to improve my swings and dislocate?



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here is a new video of me training on dislocate, with a comparision


what am i doing wrong?

what should i do to do it better and not disconnect from the rings when i reach the bottom?


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