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High Bar Grips is this the Right Size?

Alessandro Pantanella

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Alessandro Pantanella

Hello everyone,

after many years of GST I decided to start learning skills.
At the moment I'm working on the high bar and after a couple of months is now time to start using grips.

I've bought a pair of Reisport, followed the sizing guide and because I'm in between M and L the guide suggested to go with M.

When I put them on they look and feel really small. I'm attaching a couple of pictures here, could someone let me know if they look OK?
I may have put the right one on the left hand but I think you'll get the idea from the pics.






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Alessandro Pantanella

If anyone is interested. I’ve contacted Reisport and they confirmed that this is a good fit. 
In the meantime I showed it to my coach and he confirmed that this is a good size. 

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