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Eric Kamhi

Shoulder injuries and future.

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Eric Kamhi

Hello I wanted to get some insight from people in my age group 40+ tjat jad some shoulder injuries and their process of getting back into training. 

I had an MRI done for both shoulders (although only my left one was in pain) and it turns out I have a few problems in both. 

My rotator cuff on the left has a small tear and the Labrum has also some tears. Most surprisingly my roght shoulder which I have no issues with apparently has a Slap tear in the labrum. 

I was proposed stem cell / prp and peptides as opposed to surgery and thought I'd give it a try even though I'm highly skeptical that it would fix a labral tear. Can't really understand how something without blood supply and that is known not to heal on its own would heal that way but hey I won't say I didn't try it. 

My questions are, peolle thatbhad labral tears (slap tears in particular) were you able to go back to gymnastics strength training? Were you able to keep this training as your main training regimen on your 40s amd beyond?

I was always super careful in my training and progressions but apparently not careful enough. I'm worried that due to future fragility and age, I will not be able to keep gst as my main workout routine in the future. 


Any thoughts? 

Thanks in advance 

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Nick Murray

Search for some of my earlier posts for some personal history - I've had 2 shoulder stabilisations and a SLAP tear fix. The stabilisations vastly reduced my ROM so it makes some of the progressions very difficult.

I supplement GB with other things, so my progress is slower. That's fine for me. But getting older means longer recovery times, so I'm considering a 10-day "week" as 3 training sessions over 7 days (plus running!) simply doesn't leave enough time for recovery.


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