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Timothy Strickland

Neck Disc bulges HEALED

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Timothy Strickland

I wanted to post something amazing that has happened recently. For those that know me understand that I have been struggling with a Neck injury for about 4 years. The injury was a disc bulge at c6-c7 of 4mm and c5-c6 of 2mm. I had pain radiating down my arm into my fingers and had trouble sleeping at night 4 years ago. Around the same time I started experiencing Lower Back pain as well as tinging into my feet. Needless to say, I was a mess! I started decompression treatment and chiropractor therapy shortly after which did improve my symptoms somewhat.  Even after 2 years of treatment ( 2 years ago) the MRI still showed little improvement with all the therapy.

However, last year I stumbled across gymnastic bodies after still dealing with Neck Pain and Back pain. I started doing the level 1 exercises pretty religiously and noticed after a few months that my symptoms were getting better. I was taking it easy, not pushing myself too hard and just trying to get some movement into my joints.

Fast forward to now. We did an MRI last week and the results got reviewed by the MRI doctor as well as my Chiropractor and I am getting a 3rd doctor to review it just to make sure it is not a fluke. Both confirmed that my disc bulge at both levels has completely healed. There is still a small bone spur left over that will probably never go away (caused by the injury to my neck) but the improvement was visible on the MRI I am getting a 3rd doctor's opinion and then I will post the before and after of my MRI. I am over the moon right now.

Aside from that, I haven't had any significant pain into my arm for over 3 years and my Neck soreness continues to improve. As of today I am nearly 100% pain free outside of some soreness when I ride my bike for long periods. My symptoms in my lower back are gone as well.

I would be lying if I didn't say other things didn't contribute to my healing, thinks like  Juice fasting, Eating a plant based diet, changing my pillows, and better posture. All of these things helped heal my neck. I do believe however, that this program played a big part if not the largest part in my recovery, I just wanted to let you guys know it is possible. I was told years ago by the same doctor that reviewed my MRI last week that a neck bulge never heals, he almost didn't believe it. I am living proof that anything is possible if you change your lifestyle of eating a terrible diet implement gymnastics and better posture in your daily routine, and get plenty of sleep.


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