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Freestanding stall bar


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On 10/20/2020 at 1:53 PM, Simon Hook said:

Ooooh no! I'm so sorry to hear that Mario. What's happened? And what did you order?

I am literally about to place an order with them, like today! Did you order a wooden Swedish ladder?

I'm actually chatting with a guy now over Whatsapp, are you speaking with anyone there, did you want his details to speak directly with someone?

Edit reason to my comment above: after talking with Florin thanks to you, the situation got fixed.He sent me a new pull up bar which is completely fine, and only took ~1 week to arrive.

Artimex spaliere seems very robust, and also the pull up bar, looks like covid situation affected them somehow but now is fixed.

Now I only have to wait for the covid situation to allow me to move to the house where I have the spaliere:facepalm: (2020 does not want me to train with spaliere haha)

Thanks a lot Simon!

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Hey Mario,

This is great news! I'm so pleased you managed to get your equipment finally sorted and you were sent a replacement for the damaged item you ordered from Artimex.

I got my order from them a few weeks back but now I'm in the middle of going through a number of issues with fitting it to the wall of my rented basement flat. It has not been simple or straight forward in the slightest, but I am determined to get the darn thing installed, even if I go broke trying to make it a reality. I'm so keen to get my gymnastics training back up and running. I really miss it.

Keep us posted, I hope you can make the move back to the property you can train in soon.


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