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between cheap pullup bar and tensioned high bar?

 Gary Yngve

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 Gary Yngve

Sadly the parks dept removed the pullup bars from the exercise equipment (they would have been easy to sanitize w/ alcohol).
Looking online, I see:
- high bars for kids (i actually thought about this as I'm just 150 lb, but looks like even if they say they take more static weight, my leverage for being taller would bust it on something dynamic)
- pullup bars that have some problem with being too fancy with special grips, not wide enough (I need about 37" width for bulgarians), or not possible to do a pullover
- pullup bars as part of a power rack
- tensioned high bar that's good enough for everything but giants (and is 6 feet wide and costs 2k)

What I would like is something that has clearance above for pullovers and naners, is strong enough for an adult, but not a power rack or tensioned high bar.  Is there anything like this out there?  


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