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Homemade equipment?


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I'm thinking of making some dip/ parallel bars in my welding class.

And thoughts on how I should proceed?

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George Launchbury

Hi Ape,

For dip bars, I would get some ideas by searching for some commercially available ones (just google "Wall Mounted Dip" for some examples) that look strong and simple enough to make?

Actually I have been thinking about making some Parallel Bars myself recently. Does anyone have any thoughts about what material should (and more importantly should not) be used for the bars themselves? I can't speak for Ape, but for me it would be mainly for strength and conditioning work, so bar flexibility might not be an issue. There is also grip and feel, and metal bars might get a little slippy with sweaty hands...

I have been toying with idea of making some that attach to the wall at one end, and uprights that bolt to the floor at the other. This way the garage/house takes care of most of the stability issues, and I am able to do HSPU against the wall (or at least near it).

Any thoughts?



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Thanks for the link, Alex.

But if you're thinking of attaching them to the wall George, you could pipe joint the bars to a square piece of steel (that has holes drilled in each corner. That way you could screw them in).

And thats the same idea I had for the bars. I was just going to be doing L-seats, Planches, HSPUs, and the like.

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