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Tracie Hulbert

Where to begin?

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Tracie Hulbert

I've been a very Crossfitter for the last 4 years training 5 days a week, 2 hours a day and had to take a break from the intensity for the last 6 months due to health issues (thyroid).  I'm 44 years old.  I still have a good amount of strength and my CrossFit gymnastics was good (not great) but I am overwhelmed about how to build a proper workout routine with this program.  I was able to do 11 strict pull-ups at my peak, handstand walks and strict ring muscle ups on occasion.  I would love to continue building my body weight strength and improving mobility which I think will transfer nicely back to CrossFit when I get my energy levels back where they were.   

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Cory Fair

Hi @Tracie Hulbert, our initial goal with your training is going to be fixing any holes in the basics that you might currently have and to increase your mobility. The level 1 plan is most suited for this and the one I recommend to start with based on your experience since it will transfer well back to CrossFit. You can add this to your schedule under Choose Your Plan once logged into your course subscription.

  • Do the included mobility classes each week. These routines were all written by Coach specifically to speed along mobility gains.
  • Stretch will be your deep flexibility workouts during the week
  • Upper Body, Lower Body and Core have a digital coaching component. It will start on the easier exercises, but it will adjust your next workout up or down depending on which smiley face you click. Some progressions you might speed through and others you may find are far more challenging than expected. This is normal to be further along in some areas.
  • You can still include some of the harder strength work, but as maintenance rather than a primary focus so you don't further increase any strength to mobility imbalances. 
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