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Wayne Gorton

“Restore” program after shoulder surgery?

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Wayne Gorton


I’m 9 weeks post shoulder surgery (full thickness tear of the supraspinatus and bicep tendons). Still working with a physiotherapist and my mobility is improving,  it still has some way to go before I can start training again.

I’m keen on getting back into the program, but not sure where to start. I own most of the level 1 programs, but think that may be too much until I have my full range of motion restored.

Where is the best place to start and improve my shoulder mobility or strength? I haven’t yet subscribed as my plan was to complete the level 1 programs before joining the subscription program. As such, I don’t have access to the Restore series and wanted to know if perhaps they too would be too advanced for this stage of my rehab. I don’t want to start a free trial only to find it wasted at this stage.

Alternately, is there is better program than the “Restore” series to work back into, starting with my shoulder rehab?


Thanks for any advice.


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Alessandro Mainente

Hi Wayne, personally. i had a torn ACL. the rehab program should be COMPLETELY planned by physiotherapist and orthopedic simply because every single surgery has its own story:

-type of lesion;

-structures involved;

-type of surgery etc.

Restoring a healthy shoulder it is no restoring a shoulder with a surgery. follow PT program until the fully restored range of motion.

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