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HSPU carryover

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im currently slowly working towards the planche, i have heard that many people talk about HSPU to stregnhten planche. So my question is: what is the carryover of HSPU to planche.

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Alessandro Mainente

Basically nothing, do you want a piece of reasonable concepts and physiology?

I have 21 clients stronger than me in planche but I have the maximal execution of 1 full rom handstand pushup with 15 kg and 13 hspu with wall assistance.

People saying these things on planche forgot the most important concept on isometric: they are the true example of strength-angle specific. i would add that the force is exerted by small muscles so if you are not working as the specific angle the carryover is less if not zero. 

some differences follows:

-body is horizontal so the glutes work is different and same thing abs work;

-body is horizontal so the serratus anterior work is different;

-the horizontal lever makes the long head bicep works thousand times more;

-the deltoid and the lower traps work much more in planche than vertical pressing movement;

remember that the body learns what you perform because it can feel the motor schema and not the muscles activation.

the mistake of saying "wow i can do 10 handstand pushup and i can do planche, so the handstand pushup helps the planche" is reductive and a pure syllogism.

the strongest of my clients has 14 seconds full planche and less handstandpushup than me... I'm actually fighting with straddle planche. and he is 86 kg.

this video shows some of his planches 




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