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Anita Clarke

Exercise suggestions for stabilization

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Anita Clarke


I've been doing GST since early 2015 religiously (I do the exercises, but I'm bad at recording them online  LOL) and progressed a ways into the program. I recently had confirmation of a condition I am suffering from and have been battling for years that has put a major damper on my physical training, that expressed itself in various symptoms, making it difficult to diagnose.  (gastrocnemius equinus) This condition over time had modified my posture and movement subtlety, and over time had caused problems with overuse and under-use of various supporting muscles in the legs. I was hoping someone might have some suggestions of exercises Pre-hab and or Re-hab, to help strengthen and condition the following     ( I am aware the courses and stretch series's contain exercises that hit many of these areas and I am working with them currently. I was hoping that someone might have some ideas that are more specific or localized to aid in my rehab)

- Glute med  (side stabilizers)

- Glute max ( Hip extending)

- Hip flexors (Hip flexion)

- Gracilis and adduction


Thanks for any help:)

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Alessandro Mainente

Hi Anita I personally think that this type of problems/protocol for treating this pathology should be managed face to face with a specialist. Asking information on the web from non-professional user could be potentially worst than before.

i would also add that the pathology of the calves like restrictions, adhesion, tight calves etc have very very low probability to be solved simply because you used these muscles for many many years creating bad habits and now you are still using them.

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